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Thread: Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

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    Quote Originally Posted by middly View Post
    The anxiety is real...been checking status every day for the past 2 weeks. Today, status changed to "Production Complete - Your Model S is being prepared for production or delivery" !!

    What did you guys do to ease the excitement? I'm already on TMC way too much. I have my outlet, I even swiffered the garage floor in preparation for my new MS. Any other accessories you guys purchased in preparation? How soon after delivery did you guys get your XPEL and/or Tint installed?
    Xpel was immediate, I drove the car 1/4 mile to my installer.
    Tint took a while to decide upon.

    Get your wheel cap decals, flat repair kit w/pump, and start choosing which song you'll play first!
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    Model S at work ... Meetings and inspections at the construction site.

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