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Thread: Model S Delivery Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by techiesjc View Post
    #56148 ready for pickup in Fremont tomorrow afternoon (9/30) as it just cleared production last night!
    Even BETTER - I pick it up TONIGHT in a few hours!
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    Quote Originally Posted by techiesjc View Post
    Even BETTER - I pick it up TONIGHT in a few hours!
    Congrats in advance. When you're done driving, share some pics and your thoughts. Yay!

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    Picked mine up this afternoon. Sweet!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoTX_WestTX View Post
    Update: Went into delivery today! Delivery date in my dashboard is actually Sept. 23, but I won't be picking it up in Austin until Sept. 26.
    So it FINALLY happened this weekend! I was nervous because I planned to return through Austin from a work trip to take delivery this particular weekend, but the car wasn't put on a truck until Thursday morning. The folks at the Austin SC, credit to them, were willing to come in at 8 AM on Sunday morning to let me pick it up. Thankfully, the car arrived in Austin mid-afternoon on Saturday and they were able to have it ready for pick up by 6:30 PM (which even then was 2+ hours after closing time) because I said I didn't need a full charge (since I would be stopping at the Waco supercharger the next day anyway.)

    In the 24 hours that followed:
    *Range charged by having dinner at the Domain and leaving it to charge their overnight.

    *In the process of doing that, pretty much inadvertently pulled a "Do you know who I am?" at the Tesla gallery. (It was after hours when I walked by, but they were still in there talking to people. I knocked and got a regretful head shake and "Sorry, we're closed" face, to which I responded with a "No, really, just come here. I have a quick question" face. That didn't convince him, but then I remembered the Tesla fob in my pocket. I pulled it out and waved it, which got a "OH! Why didn't you say so!" face and he opened the door.

    *Only accidentally flashed 2 people on the drive to Lubbock when I meant to set my cruise control.

    *Spent SEVEN hours charging at a KOA because (first lesson) apparently driving the speed limit in Texas means you don't really get the stated range projections.

    *Charged from a gallery HPWC, a supercharger, a 50 amp plug at an RV park, and my 30 amp dryer plug. Today got 10 minutes on my 110 outlet just to complete the cycle.

    Bonus: Today, someone came by my office to tell my one (just one) of my rear windows was all the way down. I guess I'll call Tesla to report it?

    All in all, not a bad start to things, no? (Except for 7 hours at the KOA. That was brutal, haha.)

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    Regarding your rear window, if you're not careful your knee will contact the window button and lower the window. Depending on when this happens, you may not even notice it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoTX_WestTX View Post
    *Spent SEVEN hours charging at a KOA because (first lesson) apparently driving the speed limit in Texas means you don't really get the stated range projections.

    All in all, not a bad start to things, no? (Except for 7 hours at the KOA. That was brutal, haha.)
    I assume you weren't headed to San Antonio, so it should be 75 through most of your trip right? I thought that Texas was also pretty flat... So you should* be ok with going 75 and getting pretty close to the range, unless you were blasting the AC? Depending on how far you are going, I tend to give myself about a 30 mile buffer (unless traveling up mountains) and watch it closely. If it drops down to 10 miles of a buffer (and I am not pretty close to my destination (sub 30 miles left to go) then I would drop my speed by 5-10MPH and that would more than compensate for it. That is just me, and what I felt comfortable with, and note that going from VA to FL I never actually breached by 10 mile buffer limit.

    I have learned that a lot of this comes down to driving habits and learning to drive the car in a more efficient manner. Cruise control is your friend! Acceleration should attempt to be limited to under 40kW as much as possible. Attempt to only use regen and use the breaks as little as possible. Also the more you coast vice regen the better range you will get. If you set your AC to LO, you will eat a big hit in your range... Just more subtle temperature like 68-72 should be comfortable (for most people) and will help a lot with not killing range. In the winter try to limit your use of the heater as much as possible and use the seat warmers. If you do most of these things you will find yourself hitting and even exceeding the rated range all the time.

    My current lifetime average is 311w/mi if you take away the first 2000 miles of driving I did I am at 305w/mi. What keeps me from being sub 300 is that my daily commute is quite hilly. I get to work most days in the 320w/mi range, and then try to get it lowered back down to as close to 300 on the way home. This is with me going 70-75MPH, with 2 or 3 other passengers.

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