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Thread: Panoramic roof creaking noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-Chicago View Post
    Just got the car back from my third attempt at the pano roof creak and rattle. Two distinct noises for me. One is a long "creak" when you are going up parking ramps, etc that sounds like the roof is flexing. The second sound is a rattle that you hear on bumpy roads like something is loose. The first time, both sounds seemed to go away but came back within 10-14 days. Second attempt did nothing for either. Third attempt (got the car back Friday) seems to have fixed the "creak" but the loose rattle noise is still very noticeable and I'm sure the creak will be back soon. This is very frustrating as it is not a cosmetic fix that you know can be fixed someday. Service is very nice and seems confident each time that they have some new "fix", but doesn't seem to be happening. I'm willing to try one more time, but started reading the language on the lemon laws as I don't sense this is fixable. VIN 13,XXX.

    Im wondering if this is an issue related to the 13xxx vin numbers as I have the same issue. Multiple attempts have failed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Msolomi View Post
    Service center completely removed and replaced the entire panel glass as well as the corresponding brackets. As soon as I opened the sunroof the creaking noise is back. I am about to give up and about to email Tesla asking for a new car since they cannot fix this issue. This is the 4th failed attempt. Very frustrated. Vin 13xxx.
    In your case the Oregon Lemon Law would kick in and you would get a full refund....of course you would have to hire an attorney. One demand letter and a few emails would do it.

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