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Thread: Does Tesla Register The Car For You?

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    Quote Originally Posted by contaygious View Post
    What's wring with driving around with a piece of paper? I hope I can do it for a long time! No plates received yet.
    MA apparently doesn't recognize CA temp registration as valid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert.Boston View Post
    MA apparently doesn't recognize CA temp registration as valid.
    And (here's no surprise) neither does Tejas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harry View Post
    Maybe I am the only person who didn't know this, but when Tesla registers the car you do NOT get the title or the plates upon delivery. We are registered in Wisconsin and waited almost six weeks for the plates and title. If Tesla had provided the title with the car (after I had already paid 100% of the price) I could have walked into our local DMV office and walked out an hour later registered and with regular plates.

    If you don't mind driving around with a piece of paper taped to the rear window and no title then you will be OK with Tesla doing the registration -- otherwise you should try to get the title when the car is delivered and DIY.
    Isn't that the same as any other car purchase? I've always had the dealer take care of title and registration, which means I drive the car home and get everything else in the mail sometime later.

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    Andy at Tesla (very helpful, thanks Andy!) has informed me that in Virginia, Tesla will register the car for me. Unfortunately I can't yet order plates...because that requires a title number...which requires registration first. So I wait!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Burch View Post
    Andy at Tesla (very helpful, thanks Andy!) has informed me that in Virginia, Tesla will register the car for me. Unfortunately I can't yet order plates...because that requires a title number...which requires registration first. So I wait!
    I recently heard the same from a Tesla rep regarding the process in CA. He indicated that Tesla will only provide sequential plates after which the customer can order personalized plates from the DMV. I suppose my other option would be to reserve a personalized plate in advance by paying a fee to the DMV and then eventually transferring it to the Tesla. Anyone have experience with the process for reserving a personalized plate in CA before taking delivery of their Tesla?
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    I hit 30 days waiting yesterday. I stopped driving the car. I have been trying to get an answer from Tesla about status/new piece of paper/ receipt? I want tags. It worries me to drive with the little piece of paper now. I was stopped already because of it. No ticket but the state trooper gave me a hard time as I have no receipt etc. Indiana gives 30 days, and I don't know what will happen now without plates.

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    Seems like it took care of it for some people in Michigan. For me I have to register the vehicle my self, they sent me the papers by mail that I need to take to the secretary of state.
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    What about transferring plates fom car you sell prior to purchasing. Who handles that?

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    Now that I've been through the process, I can confirm that Tesla did register my car in Maryland. When I picked it up in Rockville I signed the necessary documents. About 3 weeks later the plates and registration were delivered via FedEx by the MVA. In the interim I taped the paper document Tesla provided to the license plate frame under clear tape to waterproof it. When the standard plates arrived I immediately put the online application for personalized plates BYE ICE. I expect those any day.

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