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Thread: Supercharger Stall Wrecked in Primm NV

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    Supercharger Stall Wrecked in Primm NV

    Stopped off at the Primm Supercharger on our way home from the Hoover Dam, and this is what we found: (on a side note, why is there no charging infrastructure at the Hoover Dam?!)

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    Wow - that is some serious damage. I wonder if it was a Model S owner who ran it over it going reverse instead of forward or hitting accelerator instead of brake when backing into the spot. I'm hoping it was that and not someone trying to make a statement by running it over with their coal-rolling diesel.
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    Does the casino offer free drinks to their patrons?

    Could have been some excess liquid pleasure on a Saturday night.
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    I think the guilty driver thought he/she was in Drive but was actually in Reverse when the accelerator pedal was depressed and then failed to react in time to the parking sensor alert, or perhaps their car was an early one one with no sensors.
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    Wow, incredible.

    Place like that ought to have lots of cameras around. Someone has video I'm sure. Very curious if it was intentional or accident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinm View Post
    Wow, incredible.

    Place like that ought to have lots of cameras around. Someone has video I'm sure. Very curious if it was intentional or accident.
    Hmmm. Unless it was a highly re-inforced truck, or a true junker car, I can't imagine this was done intentionally. There must be considerable damage to whatever vehicle did that.
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    I figured the poles built into either side of each pedestal were sturdier and designed to prevent this. But seems they're just for show.
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    Have you notified tesla yet? The quicker they know, the quicker someone can get out there and repair it.
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    The cable is still attached. I wonder if it still works? You'd need to attach from the road, though.
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    Contractors onsite, new stall 7-22-15

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