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Thread: Adjusting the adjustable suspension

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    Is the only adjustable suspension available the Sport suspension directly from Tesla? Can aftermarket Bilsteins either PSS10 or ASN be used as upgrades?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frequencydip View Post
    Is the only adjustable suspension available the Sport suspension directly from Tesla? Can aftermarket Bilsteins either PSS10 or ASN be used as upgrades?
    Tesla built the suspension from scratch, so I would strongly doubt that any non-Tesla suspension currently available can be added. Of course, some aftermarket guys might come with an offering in the future.

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    Icon5 Further (beyond the UI) way to adjust the Model S Suspension to make it stiffer?

    I know its been over a year since this thread has been touched so I hope there are those who are still 'following' it...
    There is no Performance Discussion for the Model S (maybe there should be), so I figured that guys who frequent this Performance Discussion may know a thing or two about DIY tweaking of cars in general. I know next to nothing! I have a Model S-Performance and know that through the user interface you can push a button for suspension to be soft, standard or performance. "Problem" is that on performance, I'd consider the suspension "soft" which, I know, is the intent of Tesla because those who want a car that insulates them from the road far out number those who want to feel it. BUT there are different strokes for different folks so I'll get to my question
    ... is there a Tesla-approved or non Tesla-considered (that would not invalidate the warranty) way to adjust the suspension to make it stiffer for the twisties?

    I just cross posted this question in the Model S forum as well (here)
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    Just read thru this whole thread and very helpful as I get my 2.5 sport delivered in about a week, after spending almost 5 years and +28k miles in my 1.5 non-sport. Can't wait to have a car with a decent suspension that I can tune, the 1.5 is awful, springs that are too soft and dampers that are too harsh, this going to be fun and you guys have helped me with a base setting, thanks.

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