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Thread: Tesla in Australia

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    I finally had my HPWC installed into the new house we've bought and moved into lat week. It's set for 40A on a 50A circuit and breaker. I've only charged 3 times from it so far, but each time it has worked perfectly. We have 3 phase into the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TesAus View Post
    When my HPWC was installed as part of the charger validation program (many months before our cars arrived) my electrician set the dip switches to 40A. The circuit was protected by a 50A breaker and we have a decent 3 phase supply to our property.

    When Mitchell visited with the test car the charger kept throwing up a fault signal. The only way we could get it to work was to set the dip switches back to 32A. This apparently had been an issue at other locations during testing.

    Not sure why this occurs or if later batches of the HPWC have overcome this issue (maybe different internal components or they have adjusted some settings). So whilst all single phase HPWC are theoretically capable of 40A (on a suitably rated circuit) there are at least some of them that won't play ball and will only work at 32A.

    I haven't chased it up as will be getting a 3 phase charger as soon as they are released.
    Mine was installed in January and the initial install failed (the instructions that came with it were wrong). I got the sparky a net set of instructions on-line and all was good.
    Enjoy that car.

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