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Thread: Can I jump start an ICE car with the Model S?

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    As for damage to the car, I doubt it, but am not willing to try it on my MS either. Most DC-DC converters like this have a current limit function that will keep any damage from happening.

    For example, the Prius HV to 12V, DC-DC converter is rated at up to 100A. Several Prius owners, including myself, have installed AC inverters on the 12V line with large connections to get backup power up to 1000W. Turns out the Prius with inverter has efficiency comparable to one of the Honda inverter generators and a gas tank that can run the output for days. If the DC-DC converter in the MS is of a comparable size to the Prius, then the HV battery in the MS would also support this kind of backup power for days. This is just a thought for me; I have other backup power solutions.

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    Minivan wouldn't start today, someone left an inside light on overnight-- I have an external battery charger, but I was wondering the same thing. Has anyone asked Tesla about this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deonb View Post
    In the strange world that we live in, someone is yet to come up with a different plug standard for 12V DC.
    Hey, what a good idea! The 12v cigarette plug is a horrible plug. I wonder is anyone is working on a new car standard plug?

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    Manual doesn't even have the procedure for "jump starting" the Model S itself, so you can pretty much forget about jump starting other vehicles. Most hybrid owners won't jump start other vehicles because the 12V batteries on board are typically tiny (easy to damage them) and it's unknown if the DC-to-DC converter can handle the power (without blowing a fuse somewhere). The best you can do is to charge the other car's battery with your car on for 10-15 minutes and disconnect before they attempt to start.

    But it's probably much quicker for them to just ask someone else with a conventional 12V battery for help or if you carry one of those external battery chargers (I have one for my ICE and it's probably a good idea for Model S owners to have one too).
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    Quote Originally Posted by stopcrazypp View Post
    Manual doesn't even have the procedure for "jump starting" the Model S itself
    Page 27 in my Owners Guide. (Okay, the actual method to jump start the Model S isn't there but they do say that you can jump start it and to contact Tesla for the details on how to do it.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmacelf View Post
    Hey, what a good idea! The 12v cigarette plug is a horrible plug. I wonder is anyone is working on a new car standard plug?
    For several years now, I've been writing various auto manufacturers asking for just this thing. Just a small barrel plug like laptops and other electronic items have. Being smaller, I would like to see them distributed all over the interior, not just under the dash as with cigarette lighter plugs. Rear seat area for the kids, two or three along the headliner above the windshield for dash cams, GPS units, couple more at the base of the A-pillars, etc. It would sure cut down on the cord-clutter.

    It would be necessary for electronic gadget makers to adapt to the new standard, but it should be easy to make adapters for older units, or ones that want to stick to the big lighter plug version.
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