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Thread: Windshield wiper issues (modes and settings)

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    I can imagine this must be a frustrating part of the car (i experienced the same thing with a Jag. XK8 of my father).
    I've always liked the wipersettings of a BMW 3-series very much!
    1: Adjustible intervals (10sec, 5 sec, 3 sec & 1sec)
    2: Continuous, slow
    3: Continuous, fast

    On the other hand things like these are details. But need improved when you want to build the best car in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshG View Post
    Well, in NorCal we're sure getting a chance to test out the wipers in the last few days!

    I've had the car just 24 hours, but it's been raining at every possible rate in that time... from massive downpour to drizzle. I am so far NOT happy with the auto-sensing wiper settings. There are two sensitivity settings and I can't tell the difference... neither seems to swipe fast enough for the given rate of rainfall. Our Lexus RX450 has auto-sensing wipers that are perfect with just a single "sensitivity" setting, and my 7-year old Mercedes also always seemed to pick a perfect rate. Surprised Tesla didn't get the technology for this from Mercedes like they did for cruise control and the shifter. Hoping they can get it adjusted via a software update.

    I find it frustrating to just have to switch to manual speeds. Anyone else noticing this?
    +1 Certainly not a show stopper but the auto Wipers on the BMW 7 series are perfect. Flawless. The first time I saw them I was more impressed by their performance than I was with the space shuttle. I really want the Model S wipers to work like that. Is that really possible with just a software update?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Sherman View Post
    I really want the Model S wipers to work like that. Is that really possible with just a software update?
    That's a question I have as well. I would like to think that the autosensing mechanism could possibly be regulated by changes in the software. However, there is a motor that drives the wipes. If the motor can't move the wipers any faster for those who experience heavy rain, then we're stuck until Tesla modifies this part of the car.
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    Well, I think the 'fast' speed is slower on update 4 than the first day I had my car. Not the interval but the motion of the wipe was much faster before. I also think the sensitivity is a little lower than it was the for my first 300 rainy miles
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    Agreed with how amazing the BMW auto-wipers are with the 5 or 6 sensitivity adjustments.

    The Model S wipers are small and seem very flimsy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren View Post
    Agreed with how amazing the BMW auto-wipers are with the 5 or 6 sensitivity adjustments.
    Wipers are one of those small things that can make a big difference. When I bought my current Cadillac CTS, they had a piece on how much effort had gone into the wipers, how they work at any speed and in any condition etc. I thought it was just marketing hype, but you know what? I have the original wipers and blades and after 3 1/2 years they work perfectly at any speed, don't "chatter" and the auto wipe feature is beautiful.

    The only problem I've had with auto-wipe is sometimes in the spring I drive into rural areas with a lot of flying insects. It's a gooey mess when the sensor thinks the bugs are rain but that is why there is an "off" position, I guess!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren View Post
    Agreed with how amazing the BMW auto-wipers are with the 5 or 6 sensitivity adjustments.

    The Model S wipers are small and seem very flimsy.
    Well, I am amazed at how large a wiped area they create. Truly surprising how rectangular the clear area is. The geometry of the Tesla wipers is quite sophisticated.

    Yes the sensitivity needs a SW update. I previously posted how my left pinkie is getting a real workout pushing the button on the wiper stalk to give me an 'extra' wipe as needed due to the raining weather we have in the NW.

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    With the recent rain in the Bay Area, I had my first opportunities to use the wipers. The first drizzly night, they worked fine. The automatic setting seemed to sweep the glass just when I would want it to.

    The following morning, the auto setting worked well at first, ramping up from occasional sweeps to a continuous slow sweep, to a fast sweep that seemed at least as quick as any other car I've ever had.

    But a little while later, the sensor started waiting much too long to sweep the glass, and I (having been lax and not read the book yet) didn't know how to do the single sweep, so I manually turned them onto a faster setting.

    Definitely not as refined as my mother's BMW 740i, which had an extremely good automatic setting. I wonder whether these features are actually controlled by software, or if it's a system that Tesla is buying from somebody like Continental. If software, I hope for some refinements in later updates.
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    Here's an idea: Don't wipe water into my car

    OK, let's see if this happened to anyone else.

    It was raining a bit today, so I had the wipers on the first step, the least sensitive rain detection setting.

    Parked for an hour. Came back to the car, which was quite wet from the rain, get seated, but don't close the door before the car boots up and the wipers take their first mandatory turn (seems they always do this if the setting is on, rain or no rain) and the accumulated water on the windshield gets efficiently swiped away and splashes onto the inside of the driver's door. Ga.

    I know this screams of "first-world problem", but still. Shouldn't a smart car figure out that there shouldn't be any need for wiping the windshield if a door is open? You're not likely to start driving until the door is closed, yes?

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