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Thread: Windshield wiper issues (modes and settings)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddRLockwood View Post
    I'm surprised that Tesla opted for two rain-sensitivity settings. It would be nice to swap one of these for a standard intermittent setting.
    It does seem an odd set-up, but I wonder if that's how they work on M-B models since that's where Tesla sourced the switches/stalks?

    The systems I'm familiar with have "Off-Auto-Lo-Hi" switch settings with an adjustable dial on the stalk for sensitivity. In use, on Auto, the wipers will make intermittent wipes that increase in frequency the harder the rain gets. If it rains hard enough, the wipers will switch to Lo and even to Hi automatically, depending on conditions, then slow down or go to intermittent as the rain slows down.

    I take it that is not how it works on the Model S.

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    The trouble with a California-built car is that the designers don't grok this "rain" concept....

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    Robert I'm gonna have to disagree with you there. Winter here in the bay area usually means a crap ton of rain where I am, but there are a crazy number of microclimates along the peninsula the the bay area in general so this varies widely. We do get some north east style storms for sure, just minus the lightning and thunder most of the time. I promise I'm not a born and raised Californian who doesn't know better. I went to High School in MA, and grew up in PA. Also spent time in SC and LA. I know rain. We do get real rain here. Honest Engine... we can blame the lack of wiper speed choices on something else I am afraid.... I'm just not sure what.

    I agree that on a car this expensive it seems silly. They need to have a variable wiper dial, and they also need the "holy crap its raining so hard I can't see over the hood" wiper warp speed setting.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceilidh View Post
    I agree that on a car this expensive it seems silly. They need to have a variable wiper dial, and they also need the "holy crap its raining so hard I can't see over the hood" wiper warp speed setting.
    +1 When it rains in Texas it's often of the "I can't see to the end of the hood" variety.
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    Icon9 Rain-sensing Auto Wipers

    Well, in NorCal we're sure getting a chance to test out the wipers in the last few days!

    I've had the car just 24 hours, but it's been raining at every possible rate in that time... from massive downpour to drizzle. I am so far NOT happy with the auto-sensing wiper settings. There are two sensitivity settings and I can't tell the difference... neither seems to swipe fast enough for the given rate of rainfall. Our Lexus RX450 has auto-sensing wipers that are perfect with just a single "sensitivity" setting, and my 7-year old Mercedes also always seemed to pick a perfect rate. Surprised Tesla didn't get the technology for this from Mercedes like they did for cruise control and the shifter. Hoping they can get it adjusted via a software update.

    I find it frustrating to just have to switch to manual speeds. Anyone else noticing this?

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    It has been noted before and, yes, the wipers could use improvement.

    With a coating of RainX on the windshield it seems better. At this point I think the wipers NEED RainX to perform at all well.

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    If you want give valuable feedback to TM I'd have a passenger take a video of how the wipers are not moving fast enough for you during normal driving in rain.

    Also, I'd recommend getting rainx as it almost removes the need to use wipers in heavy rain. Use it once and it might satisfy your needs.

    It works by making the surface hydrophobic like cats Rain-X 800002244 Glass Treatment Wipes: Automotive

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    Me, too. Seems to be no rhyme nor reason to what triggers the wipers to finally come on. I ended up just using the manual controls. Not ideal.

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    Agreed, the auto settings are not sensitive enough. Now I know why the Daimler turn signal/wiper stalk has the "wipe once" button right there where your left pinkie can keep pushing it as needed

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