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Thread: How much does Performance mode affect battery life/range?

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    Quote Originally Posted by strider View Post
    Also acceleration may be tire-limited (ie tires are cold) and if so there won't be a difference because TC is limiting power in both modes.
    Interesting. We had a couple of nice days (it's been a long and chilly spring in Spokane) and twice I went for a long walk on the trail along the river. Each time, it felt as though the car was quicker on the way home. I thought it must be my imagination, but maybe the tires were a bit warmer after being outside for a couple of hours, instead of sitting in my cold garage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richkae View Post
    My Roadster is close to 3 years old, with 21000 miles. It is still within 1 or 2% of its original
    Can you please remind me how you know this? I believe there is a battery health monitoring project - can you point me at the right place to join?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewBissell View Post
    Can you please remind me how you know this? I believe there is a battery health monitoring project - can you point me at the right place to join?
    The thread for the battery health study is here: Roadster Owner Based Study of Battery Pack Capacity Over Time
    There are instructions for where to get the log parser. Collect a log file from your car every 2-3 months - save them forever. Run the log parser over all of them and send in the results every 3-6 months or so ( make sure you download the latest log parser as improvements may have been )
    Even if you collect log files from the car infrequently, the data is still valuable.

    The two ways I use to determine pack capacity are to do a range mode charge, or to look at the output from the logparser ( with -b option ) at the "average brick amp hours" ( brickahave ) and "minimum brick amp hours" ( brickahmin ). My car peaked at 159 amp hours average per brick and is most recently showing 157. A range mode charge still hits 240-242 ideal miles.

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    As i have understand this issue, it is the CHARGING- mode that will affect the battery-life, not the select of "driving mode".

    Am i wrong?

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    Both have their own impacts. Charging in Range Mode and Performance mode will fill the Battery to a 100% Charge. LiPos Don't like to be fully charged fully, especially just sitting there and then on a very hot day you're asking for it to be very unhappy. Their sweet spot is 50% SOC and anywhere from 50%-80% is good for the roadster hence why charging in Standard Mode is the best habit to have when charging. When you drive in Performance Mode your pulling lots of AMPs which can deteriorate and weaken the battery cells if you make a habit out of it. Standard mode and Range mode driving prevent you from pulling from these AMPs from the pack that you have access in performance mode.

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    Both performance and range driving modes allow the battery to run at a higher temperature then standard mode allows.
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