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Thread: Missing renders on "design" page

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    Missing renders on "design" page

    It's a little thing, but I notice that the straight-on dashboard and birds-eye cockpit views have disappeared from the Tesla "design" configurator. My Tesla kremlinology is weak -- anyone want to speculate as to an interesting reason for the deletion? Others may have disappeared too for all I know, but I'm sure of those two. There's just one interior view now. Seems to have been in the last week (or less).

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    It's obvious isn't it? They're making a major change and everyone with a car delivered before Jan 2015 will be furious when they find out that the screen has been adjusted 0.12mm to the left.
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    My bet would be that they don't have those views done for the new seats (on the P85D) and so they've removed them temporarily. Once those views are updated for the new seats they'll add them back.
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