I have been serviced out of Chicago, and I am 600 miles away. I was very impressed with my experience as I had an accelerator position error just before a 500 mile trip in the car. The error occured at 7 am EST so I contacted the DC store and posted the issue on this forum. When I came home for lunch I had a message on my machine from the Chicago store. Even though the DC store said they would take care of me, and they did, Chicago called and texted me (twice) while on my trip to ensure the car worked. Being that I am so remote I think they did all that was humanly possible to get me going and with follow through until the problem was fully resolved. The cars are VERY new with ALL new technology, and they are doing their best to ramp up. After building a few EV's myself I have a real appreciation with the difficulties they are trying to address.

They are attemping the impossible so I for one will cut them slack.