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Thread: Is anyone actually buying the 40 kWh Model S at this point?

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    I was also at one point interested in the Model S 40, as my daily commute ist less than 30 miles and I would have semi-regularly perhaps a weekend trip of about 100 miles.
    I hate leather in a car, so I would have gone with cloth seats, but no seat memory is a no go at that price level.
    Reasons why I still haven't signed up for any Model S:

    - unknown facts about the Euro-Model S (pricing, service plan pricing, standard features/Euro-specs)
    - no financial incentives like tax credits in Germany (ok, not quite true, you don't have to pay car tax for five years, but if you have driven an efficient car before that tax saving amounts to a few hundred Euro at best, nowhere near the sums you get in other countries)
    - possible alternatives available next year that might better fit my needs/budget (Golf VII electric, Zoe, Mercedes B-Class e-cell)

    Add to that the final realization how ginourmously huge the Model S is, which here certainly will lead to some problems in everyday usage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J in MN View Post
    I never considered the S40 good value for money. That's why I'm only looking at the S60 and up. IMO the P85 is the best value for money - provided you can afford it. Right now I can not.
    Think of it this way. I will drive less than 100 miles about 350 day a year. For a Tech Package 40kWh S I pay ~ $171 dollars per day (assuming $60k purchase price, and paid off in 1 year). A 60kWh pack that will get me 360 days a year of driving would cost ($70k purchase price) ~$194 dollars per day, and a 363 day 85kWh pack will cost me ~$220 a day.

    Plus I can always take my wife's car on trips. And for $10k extra I can rent a NICE car for about 100 days. It would take 10 years before I could even get close to worrying about rental costs, and that is if we don't use my wife's car, and ignores the trips that larger battery sizes wouldn't be able to do. This year I drove a trip that the 85kWh pack could not do. It will be a decade or more before I could do that trip with an 85kWh Model S. It was too rural, to unexpected, too far, and required too much speed.

    That being said you get a lot of peace-of-mind and flexibility with the larger packs. And perhaps a slight increase in the cars overall lifespan. And a little performance boost as well. And well I will look at getting the 60kWh pack, just for those reasons. But the 40kWh car is definitely the better value. Just like waiting until Saturday to listen to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!" for free is a better value than paying $57 a seat to watch it live at the Fox Theater in Atlanta yesterday night, like I did. It was worth the money to me, but it wasn't a value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddruz View Post
    Chas F--Outside observer's viewpoint: If you plan to own the car for a long time and don't see much personal value in the Tech Package the 60 kwh without Tech sounds like it would be of greater value to you than the 40 kwh plus Tech. It seems the only reason for someone like yourself to get the Tech Package who doesn't see great value in it is if you plan to sell the car in just a few years and are considering what used car buyers may prefer.
    Im getting the 40 kwh...reviewing teslas numbers on the exact circumstances around the 300 miles vs. The EPA test im far more optimistic that the mileage will be well over 100 miles per standard charge. Ive been told a bunch of times that we are going have to learn how to drive the car to maximize any range you would also on the fence about 60kwh wout tech vs. 40kwh with tech. My thought was i would have the car paid off in the first 4-5 at that point which is the better value....upgrade to 300 or the tech pack...hmmm.....
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    I had originally planned on getting the 40kWh S when I submitted by reservation deposit. My justification and financial cost analysis was very similar to what Rifleman described. By the time I needed to FINALIZE my order a few weeks ago I had decided to stretch my financial limits (i.e. plan for a bigger loan) and go for the 60kWh package.

    The factors that influenced my decision to upgrade were (in order of importance)
    1) higher mileage warranty on battery
    2) Supercharging access
    3) actual test drive (of 85kWh standard model)

    I tend to keep cars between 8-10 years, the 2004 Miata I'm replacing has 134,000 miles; so the battery warranty was a major concern. The ability to access a Supercharger for my occasional trips to south FL (from central FL) was certainly a factor.

    After the announcement of annual maintenance costs, if I were making my decision for purely financial reasons, I would have cancelled my order and paid cash for a new Miata! However, after driving the Model S in Dania Beach the other side of my brain kicked in and rationalized that it would be worth stretching finances to continue on with the 60kWh.

    I really feel for everyone out there who thought they could afford to be early adopters of this fantastic car, only to see it slip slowly beyond their reach. Hopefully it will not be to long before Tesla is able to introduce a truly affordable BEV for the masses.

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    There is no Poll Option for me, so I'll just say it:

    I'm going for a nearly fully loaded 85 kWh package. All options except for Performance, 21" Wheels and Rear Seats. I had teetered on the edge of upping to a Signature reservation, but those hopes were dashed when the Canadian duty adder was announced.

    I tend to like my cars "fully loaded" or nearly so, and I knew if I cheaped out I would regret it later.

    I think if I were in the market for a $40-50 k car, I would go for a fully loaded Volt over a stripped down Model S, but that's just me.

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    I liked the idea of the sub $50k price after tax credit and was the reason I put down the reservation. After the options list came out I was very very disappointed that things like leather and the tech package weren't standard. I almost canceled and went with something completely different. I decided to make the final decision after the AMPed test drive. That sealed it and my thoughts were go big or go barebones. I went big and confirmed on a nearly fully loaded P85. The only option I didn't get was the rear facing seats. I wouldn't have been happy compromising on the barebones 40kWh. Now I need to fork over $2500+ for winter wheels and tires, plus the maintenance fees.

    This is the car I've waited my whole life for, and life's too short to keep driving a junker...with no heat, sketchy brakes, beat up and rusted body, no clock, busted interior. I've paid my dues.
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    I have also gone through similar feelings about the car, and its value. I have just enough in savings that I could purchase the P85 in cash, but of course the wife would kill me for spending our entire savings on a car. So I've been going back and forth trying to find the best "value" for a "luxury" car. I'm not sure there is a perfect point. I decided to go small. Then I decided to go big like Nikoli. Currently I'm thinking about going for the 60kW pack. Who know's what I'll think tomorrow. I really don't want to regret going one way or the other after my purchase.

    I haven't been following every post in the maintenance thread, but cancelling due to the maintenance costs seems silly to me. Unless I missed something, can't you just drop the maintenance plan entirely and pay for your own wiper blades and brake pads? Or did I miss something about mandatory maintenance somewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave View Post
    I haven't been following every post in the maintenance thread, but cancelling due to the maintenance costs seems silly to me. Unless I missed something, can't you just drop the maintenance plan entirely and pay for your own wiper blades and brake pads? Or did I miss something about mandatory maintenance somewhere?
    George B (Tesla VP) has stated that maintenance inspections ARE required to maintain your warranty. You can pre-pay or pay $600 a pop. There is some question of the legality of this position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mknox View Post
    George B (Tesla VP) has stated that maintenance inspections ARE required to maintain your warranty. You can pre-pay or pay $600 a pop. There is some question of the legality of this position.
    Better word is guarantee. The specific wording in the manual,as posted elsewhere, is that they won't cover damage caused by missing maintenance or maintenance by nonTesla techs. Which is pretty much like every other warranty.

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    Because there aren't any Tesla certified service personnel outside of Tesla, and I suspect it will be some time before any Rangers jump ship and open up their own shops, you have to get the car serviced by Tesla or lose the warranty. I don't read about Tesla opening up any training centres for non-Telsa mechanics either.

    This wouldn't be so bad if the price was in line with what people are used to paying or really included everything (like tires). Right now there is a question of what the next four years will cost. If it's the same, I suppose you could justify the additional early expense with having the next four years cost no more. But there's no assurance that it won't be double the price for the second four years.

    If I were Tesla I would have gone with an eight year plan that matches the length of the battery warranty. That way the costs for eight years are known.
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