I have a 2012 tesla model s p85 ……….yes that is right 2012, I believe original confirmation placeholder was number 806. The date of manufacture is 12/2012. I live in new mexico and would like to sell the vehicle. I took delivery one year ago. The reasons I am interested in selling the car are straight forward: Tesla is the finest vehicle in the world. I want the latest and best. 1. Red was not available when I took delivery. 2. Even though the vehicle was well equipped, I declined the tech package. 3. I qualified for the federal tax credit. The specs on my tesla are: tesla model s performance. p85 85 kw battery. pearl white exterior color ($1500), panoramic all glass roof ($1500) 21 inch silver wheels, black performance interior, carbon fiber interior decor, active air suspension, supercharger hardware, single charger, black nappa leather interior with contrast piping, rear carbon fiber spoiler. My mileage is 4100. The vehicle is fantastic!!! I pulled the trigger for purchase after driving the tesla roadster in albuquerque. The original sticker price was 95,400. Tesla personal delivery was 990. Final inspection, prep, and coordination (whatever that entails) was 180. I also bought the tire inflation kit from tesla. After sales tax the total bill was 100,000. The vehicle is a real head turner as everyone knows. I am looking to upgrade to a model s performance with the red multi coat (not the wine red signature paint) with the tech package, 21 inch rims, pano sun roof and air suspension. We all know the vehicle I want is a bit more pricy than mine but it is what I desire from the finest car in the world. I am asking 99,999 for mine. I waited 4 years for my vehicle banking on the success of tesla. In retrospect shares of the company would have been a far better investment, but not nearly as fun!!!!! I am including pictures of the vehicle and sticker. Thank you for the interest. Ryan