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Thread: Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

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    Sorry, I'm with your friends. I don't get it.
    SP85D(soon L), red/tan, obeche matte, black headliner, TST 19's, all options -3rd row
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    Sold-P85+, red/black, carbon fiber, all options in early 2013

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    Clever Vanity Plates

    Current Affair. Nice!
    VIN P 65513 - P85D, Green, Pano Roof, Textile Seats, Piano Black trim, Black Alcantara Headliner, Tech Package with Autopilot, Dual Chargers, Subzero Package, Smart Air Suspension, 19" Wheels, Delivered December 2014

    VIN P 3552 - 60 kWh with Supercharging, Green, Black Roof, Black Leather, Piano Black trim, Tech Package, Active Air Suspension, 19" Wheels, 28,343 miles, Delivered January 2013, RIP August 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewket View Post
    Sorry, I'm with your friends. I don't get it.
    He's saying he's infatuated with electricity. Sort of.
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    Could also stand for "current afro," which is what happens to your hair when you hold on to a Tesla coil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by birdsaresmarter View Post
    I like your plate holder!
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    Finally got my personalized plates and installed them immediately. It was worth the 6 week wait during which I sometimes scanned this thread to see if anybody beat me to it. I ordered the custom frame, plate protector and associated hardware when I applied for the plate and included "Made in the USA" in the design with the hope that xenophobes will be patriotically inclined to keep their keys in their pockets.
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    Last edited by caddieo; 2013-10-09 at 01:57 PM. Reason: more detail
    P85, pearl, non-pano, spoiler, armor, tan, obeche gloss, sound, twin, tech, 19", parcel
    Ordered 5/20/13. Delivered 7/19/13. VIN 14xxx. "ZAPN ZIP"

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    Got these a few weeks ago.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Here's mine...

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    VIN #16186 - P85, 19", tech, pano, air, MC red, black perf leather, CF decor & spoiler, parcel shelf, HPWC (available for charging - please contact me)

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    Yeah, except people reading it could think buy gas.

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    I was thinking about this for a license plate frame.....

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    P85 | MC Red | Tan Leather | Carbon Fiber | Pano | Tech | Parking Sensors | Fog lights | Subzero | 19"
    Ordered & Confirmed 9/9/13, VIN 9/10, Upgraded to P 9/26, Delivery 11/2!
    Gone: 1997 Dodge Viper GTS

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