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Thread: Reduced fire risk batteries

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    Reduced fire risk batteries

    A section on the BBC's 'Material World' today about a new process for making Li-Ion batteries such that the risk of thermal runaway is reduced. Apparently the electrodes are continuously extruded, which may reduce production costs too.

    It's a BBC poscast, which means it's available indefinitely, and (I think) worldwide. Look for the 2011-09-01 episode at, the item is the second they cover, about 7 minutes in.

    [I was interrupted by a phone call whilst listening to this in the car, so Imay have missed a salient detail somewhere...]

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    interesting. It seems that switching to a conducting polymer film makes the batteries less susceptible to thermal runaway and easier to manufacture. No details on power and energy capacities, but their technology is available under licence.

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