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Thread: SRRSCCA autocross results

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    >The lead Porsche GT3 was running 255 front and 315 in the rear. The Vettes were running 315 up front and massive 345 tires in the rear.
    wow! That is massive for size and a huge footprint for cornering traction. Thanks for the update and sounds like some serious competition there. Can't pull a rabbit out of a hat with beat shoes! Sounds like good experience

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    Here is the results sheet for who was running in the SS class.

    FYI, the Carbotech 6 pads were not competitive at this level. Yet its the best we can find for stock calipers and rotors.

    Blair is not dis satisfied. He knows he did his best.

    Its a long drive home, 12 hours today and 8 more tomorrow.

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