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Thread: Necessary options

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    Icon5 Necessary options

    I'm trying to select the minimum options for a "decent Roadster" and I think I can use some help.

    I need to balance things out to make my desires and budget meet somewhere in the middle. Using EU prices, removing all options I definitely won't get, I am left with:

    84,000 Base Roadster 2.5
    3,500 Electronics group
    1,500 Premium seats
    125 Floor mats
    1,600 Premium paint (Thunder Gray?)
    325 Solar guard
    2,800 Winter tyres
    2,300 Forged alloy Tesla wheels
    1,200 240V charger
    3,850 Extra warranty
    330 Tyre pressure monitoring

    What options do you think are, and what options are not worth their money? I do want to use the Roadster all year round (and I think the standard tyres don't agree with temps below 7C/45F). Some options can easily be removed, and though €125 is a bit bizarre for floor mats that doesn't bring the price down too much.

    Should I save 800 to get a color I like less? How much are the premium seats better than the standard ones? What do the standard wheels look like? Should I go with my own audio? Etc, etc.

    Or should I go for a 2nd hand fully loaded 2.0 (EU Sig) for €95.000 with 7000km/4500mi on the odometer?

    Your two cents please!


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    Here's what I purchased and why:

    Basic color - I'm too cheap. Seriously, I like Fusion Red much better than Radiant Red.

    Adjustable Suspension - I'll probably never adjust it, but the ride is far superior. I've heard that the basic suspension tends to bottom out with a thump.

    Tesla Paint Armor - my wife talked me into that, and she's right, a very good idea.

    Premium Leather - just a nice upgrade

    Electronics Group - definitely prefer the upgraded system with GPS.

    Floor Mats - no brainer

    Home Connector - in retrospect I probably should have gone with Mobile Connector; it's rather more portable and I rarely need to charge at full power.

    Hard Top - I like a real roof. You can still go topless or soft if you like.

    What I didn't get:

    Forged alloy wheels - bling

    Solar guard - I'm not in Arizona, so I don't think there's a lot of point to it.

    Winter Tires - honestly I can't see winter driving it. Well maybe on a nice day, but we frequently get snow exceeding the height of the bottom of the car. Plus who wants to subject such a beautiful car to all that crud?

    Extra Warranty - I don't buy those as a rule. The company wouldn't offer it if it didn't make good money for them.

    Sport version - unless you're planning to drag race it, could you really tell the difference?

    Performance Tires - gumballs are great, but they reportedly last only 5000 miles... I think not!

    Tire pressure monitor is an option? I thought it was standard.

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    Winter tires are a waste unless you plan on only driving the Roadster. Even if you do winter driving. Your not driving through snow because the low front has already plowed it :P.

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    Here in California, the Solar Guard was a great purchase - makes a huge difference on a sunny day - more meaningful with the anemic AC in my '08.

    Paint Armor - definitely get.

    Electronics - I actually like the JVC I got, but I don't use the GPS anymore. I have the iPod bracket and have a ProClip quick change adapter on it so I can swap in the Nexus One's car dock when I need to navigate - Google just does it better (IMBO). I'm happy with the upgraded speaker set - it's better than what I had in my 911. The JVC would be less annoying if it didn't have so many bugs.

    Get the paint you want. You will look at the color just about every day.

    I got the premium wheels black and am really, really happy with that choice (especially with the Radiant Red - Very Orange really wants the black wheels, too). I got the premium tires, but they only lasted a year. I've got the standard tires on now.

    I didn't have the choice of the premium suspension. I'd choose it now (and am seriously considering the upgrade).

    Charging at 240v makes a big difference if you've got something to plug it in to.

    I like having the TPMS, but it wasn't an option on the '08s. Probably worth the 330, though.

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    My sound system is FAR superior to the Tesla electronics group for less than $3,500. Mine includes a flip out screen, real Ipod control (Ipod in glove box), backup camera, all 4" speakers changed to 5 1/4", Bluetooth. I don't have NAV, but could have added it and still been right on the $3,500. This is all compared to the old setup though. The new config is supposed to be much, much better.

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    I ordered my 2010 (US version) with the following configuration:
    - Base paint: I like racing green.
    - Base wheels: again, I like the way they look and I don't spend time staring at my car. I either drive it or I'm away from it.
    - Microfiber interior: I find that these seats offer more lateral support (I'm very thin) due to the added friction. I recommend you spend some time seating in one.
    - Base radio: I don't listen to the radio, so why pay more for it? I'm actually considering pulling it out and replacing it with a storage compartment...
    - Adjustable suspension: this is the only expensive option that I paid for. The reason is I got a ride in a 2008 Roadster over a pretty bad section of road and then did a test drive in a Roadster Sport (with the adjustable suspension) over the same road and noticed a clear difference. I have kept it set to its factory settings. I guess you could buy the regular suspension and later on get some after market shocks.
    - Floor mats: there are a bit pricey, but cheaper than replacing the carpet in a few years!
    - Paint Armour: looking at the front of my previous cars convinced me to get it!
    - Winter tires: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so no.
    - Hard top: see Winter tires.


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    I live in Texas. Do you think a hard top is a necessary option or something that is desirable? If I order one, was thinking about trying the soft top first and then ordering the carbon fiber hard top a few months later. I guess a hard top would be harder for someone to break into the car. I've never owned anything but a sedan before. Thanks.

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    Hi DSM363 - I have had my 2010 Roadster for 2 months. I chose for the softtop only and I am glad that I did - especially when weather changes and it only takes about 30 seconds to either remove or put on the softtop as you desire. It is alot more enjoyable to drive the Roadster with no roof (easier to get in and out). The hard top you cannot easily change as it is bolted in.

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    Thanks, that makes sense. I may go that route.
    Can a hard top be removed or installed by one person or do you need someone else to help lift it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by dsm363 View Post
    Can a hard top be removed or installed by one person or do you need someone else to help lift it?
    Tesla's instructions say that two people should do the removal/installation, but I removed mine by itself.

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