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Thread: Car Wash for your Tesla at TESLIVE

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    We are happy to announce that this thread made it happen. eco green auto clean will be at TESLIVE.

    This was a great recommendation. They not only wash high end cars (including Teslas) at Google, and Apple but the also spend time every Friday at Tesla's Menlo Park store washing cars.

    He are the details:

    Date: Saturday, July 13
    Time: 9am - 4pm
    Location: NE back corner from the front of the hotel
    Cost: $25 outside only, $40 inside/outside (Cash or Charge ok)

    The plan is to provide a sign-up sheet at the Hospitality Desk for (2) cars every 45 minutes

    Eco Green will be run independent of TESLIVE. We just thought it would be a nice service for owners. Thank you Kipernicus for the suggestion and those that showed interest.

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    If you're starting a sign-up sheet here, put me down.

    (Lesson learned from the Tour sign-up. )
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    Teslive Car Wash

    Do we have 12 ready to commit?

    Yes, we would love a wash/detail.

    Quote Originally Posted by TESLIVE View Post
    Gauging interest in having a mobile car washer in the parking lot to give your ride a little TESLOVE.

    TMC members and attendees would pay the car detailer directly for the service of a wash or detail.
    With many cars coming hundreds of miles we thought some road weary Teslas would want a snack-vacuuming and a bug wash. You may want to look your best for photos and driving around picturesque San Francisco.

    Again, this is not included in TESLIVE pricing nor does TESLIVE take any responsibility for any damage or theft involved in a wash or detail, we just thought it would be “nice to have” that car owners would pay for on their own while enjoying the festivities.

    Post here if you think you would use such a service (price?) and if we get a yes from over 12 we will call around.

    Also please post if you know of one of these mobile services that works the parking lots at Tesla, Cisco, Apple, Google, or other nearby companies.

    Thank You

    The TESLIVE Team.

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