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Thread: Eco friendly waterless car wash products/services

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason S View Post
    Used Griot's this weekend on our lovely. Hadn't been washed in two months and over 2000 miles.

    Went pretty fast, used a couple of beach towels and didn't bother cleaning the pano. Threw the towels in the wash after was done and line dried them.
    Hey Jason, this might seem like a dumb question, but I just wanted to confirm. Are you referring specifically to the Griot's Waterless Spray-On Car Wash that logan linked to? I'm interested in that for washing my car during the winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shokunin View Post
    Optimum has Optimum Opti-Clean which is their waterless product (Spray on, wipe off).
    @shokunin, thanks for the clarification. i used this OOC waterless spray product on my MS with the plush 16x16" Gold Plus Jr. microfiber towels, both ordered from Autogeek. It did a great job cleaning up the minor dirt spray marks appearing on the lower panels after driving on wet roads the previous week, and made the car look like new again. I probably wouldn't use a waterless product on an extremely dirty car in order to avoid scratches or needing a hundred clean towels, but for occasional clean-ups this is a great option.
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    My S got its first hand wash (after having gone through brushless automatic washes for the past 3 months) at Eco Green Auto Clean in Redwood City. They did a wonderful job in about 40 min! Just as my car was getting done this morning, a gray Perf Model S pulled in. Their waiting area has pics of several (semi-)exotics getting washed here including a brown Model S and a Karma.

    I'd highly recommend them for folks in and around the Peninsula in the Bay Area. Their prices are very reasonable and are in the ballpark of most other hand-wash services. Getting there early, at around 8:30 am, on weekdays maybe a good idea as they are not that busy at that time.

    Am now trying to get my company to engage them to come on-site on a weekly basis; they already offer such a service at Google and also work with Tesla Menlo Park (as mentioned earlier on this thread).
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