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Thread: Car washing a Model S by hand

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    No need to go full abrasive Z-PC Fusion on a new car. Z-AIO should be more than enough to polish out swirls in clear coat on a new car.

    I've also found that Zaino Z5 works quite well to fill in minor swirls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strider View Post
    This weekend will be the inaugural washing. I'll do a full wash w/ Dawn to strip any wax or polish products, then clay bar, then Apply a couple coats of Zaino Z2. I found a small spot on the hood w/ some swirl marks in the clear (not unique to Tesla - I've found spots on all my cars). I'll use some Zaino Z-fusion to smooth it out.

    Did the Zaino routine on my car the first weekend I got it. Really pleased with the results. My wife was astonished how great the car looked after I finished the 2nd coat of polish. I never knew what a clay bar was, but it turned out great.

    I get plenty of compliments about the car and its paint. I know a lot of it is due to Zaino.

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    Before trading in my Civic Hybrid to Tesla, I did a full interior and exterior detailing by Deep Reflections (bay area Zaino distributor), and was so happy with how it looked. Apart from a few clear coat holes, the car looked brand new. I will be doing quarterly visits to Deep Reflections to get my S done (don't trust myself to do it, and I have 4.5 kids!)

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    I used to use Zaino almost exclusively, now adays, haven't ordered anything in years. Just my opinion, I prefer Optimum's products and other brands like Duragloss and Ultima car care products over Zaino. Z-CS, Z6, Z8 were staples, and have been replaced with Optimum Opti-Coat (true permanent protection), Optimim Opti-Seal or Ultima Paint guard plus over Z-CS and a number of new detailers and waxes over z6 and z8.

    Each product looks different, so it's all a personal choice. Z8 was always streaky on my black cars, even when lightly diluted, so I stick with Optimum Car Wax, which streaks less and works just as well. Lots of choices out there, however, lots of people swear by Zaino as did I, until I tried other products.

    I have no relation to Optimum or anything car related, just a happy user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmontem View Post
    I will be washing my Model S today....
    I have always taken my cars through the local car wash, but plan to wash my Model S by hand. I have now had the car for 3 weeks and, sadly, it is getting quite filthy. I have all the supplies for a 2-bucket wash, but I am having a lot of difficulty finding a good place to perform the act. Anybody know of a good self-service car wash in New Jersey, preferably in Morris County?

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    If you use No Rinse all you need are your 2 buckets and your garage, and about 6 gallons of water total. Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EarlyAdopter View Post
    No need to go full abrasive Z-PC Fusion on a new car. Z-AIO should be more than enough to polish out swirls in clear coat on a new car.

    I've also found that Zaino Z5 works quite well to fill in minor swirls.
    Good idea. Start light and ramp it up if needed. If the weather cooperates this wkend I'll post back w/ results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCW-Greg View Post
    They must have changed that, as all the showroom floor displays and (most?) current test drive cars have fully chromed handles, inside and out. Suspect this was a very recent running change, as I'll bet some early sig holders have fully chromed handles.
    I think what he's saying is that the gap fill panel that ends up flush with the rest of the door when the handle extends is matched to the body color. The handle itself is chrome. It has been this way on every Model S I've seen, including the test drive cars.
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    I will be washing my car by hand only. Have car wash and polish (silicone glaze) sorted. Only thing I am not sure about is what cleaning cloths to use that will not scratch the car and leave swirl marks

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    Do people wax their paint armor? Would/does it make it shine better or is it a pointless act?
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