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Thread: SAE announces the 'official' charging plug standard for North America

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    SAE sets standards for DC Combo fast charging

    The article contains the official press release (Click on "Show press release").

    Nothing new, though.
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    Outside VW ERL today I saw a new Eaton SAE DC quick charger being tested on a prototype e-golf with the new 'Frankenplug'.
    It looks like VW intends to go with SAE not CHAdeMO...
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    The Long Tail Pipe: Tesla's JB Straubl on battery technology and charging standards

    However, he says the existing standard is not useful. "There still is no really good standard on this. The SAE committees finalized the new Combo Connector standard, which I’m a little frustrated with because the new combo-standard plug doesn’t have the current-carrying capability of our existing DC plug, in terms of current on the DC pins. I feel that a standard needs to project out at least five, ten years."

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