Local meetings on energy and EV issues.


AGRION is a global business community for energy and sustainability. With offices in New York, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Paris, and Beijing, the mission of AGRION is to connect thought-leaders and executives, within and across borders, for the purposes of business development, education, idea-sharing, and networking.

AGRION currently has over 140 member companies spanning a wide spectrum of industries and sectors. Through weekly events held online and on-site, as well as an online networking forum, AGRION reaches over 100,000 professionals globally.

  • Local On-site Meetings: AGRION organizes on-site meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Frankfurt, Paris, and Beijing. Our interactive meeting format engages speakers and high-level participants in targeted, industry-specific discussions and valuable networking. On-site meetings are streamed on our website and are thus available to all members regardless of location.
  • International Online Meetings: AGRION hosts online meetings on regional, national, and international topics within energy and sustainability. Such meetings are available to our global membership base. Online meetings include speaker presentations, an interactive discussion, and audience Q&A.
  • AGRION Reports and Videos: AGRION meetings are also accessible via streaming webcast, on-demand video, and detailed reports.
  • Online Networking and Discussions: Utilizing AGRION's networking platform, members can create profiles, identify and manage contacts, and contribute to online discussions, debates, and meetings within industry-specific Online Communities (see Communities on AGRION's homepage).