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Thread: Elon Musk

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    Ugh...... Bad choices. None are worthy IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lloyd View Post
    Ugh...... Bad choices. None are worthy IMO.
    Such a bad list it could make Time irrelevant! Oh, wait.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcornwell View Post
    Among those that were nominated:
    They picked someone who invented a way for the human race to waste over 100,000 man-years per month but don't even mention an individual who is trying to change the world?
    CJ Barlow

    "Until we see every car on the road being electric, we will not stop." - Elon Musk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnold Panz View Post
    Such a bad list it could make Time irrelevant! Oh, wait.........
    I just watched...oh wait , listened to the Radio Mystery Theater ' Through the looking Glass' Episode -

    which is awesome, by the way, and highly recommended to many people here (read: everyone!)

    Cliff version - world is destroyed but time traveler w/ solar engine goes back to 1970? to fix what we've done

    I think I'm glad I broke my projector finally (classic radio shows are much better w/ out a picture than most of the crap these days)

    I think Elon might be from the future after listening to this one
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcornwell View Post
    Wow, I thought Elon would be an easy pick for the 2012 Time Magazine Person of the Year. Instead, he isn't even on the long list. Among those that were nominated:

    Ai Weiwei - Chinese artist
    Felix Baumgartner - Skydiver
    Joe Biden
    Stephen Colbert
    Tim Cook
    Gabrielle Douglas - Gymnast
    Mo Farah - British Track Athlete
    Sandra Fluke - Birth control activist
    Roger Goodell - NFL commissioner
    The Higgs Boson (Person???)
    E.L. James - Author of '50 Shades of Grey'
    Jay-Z - Rapper
    The Mars Rover (again, Person???)
    Marissa Mayer - Yahoo! CEO
    Michael Phelps - Swimmer
    Psy - Korean rapper
    Pussy Riot - Russian punk rock band
    Jon Stewart
    Undocumented Immigrants
    Malala Yousafzai - Pakastani blogger
    It's Time magazine. My money is on "Undocumented immigrants." The tip-off is that they didn't say "illegal".

    Further, about half the candidates make me want to release my dinner the wrong direction. Sad commentary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zextraterrestrial View Post
    I think I'm glad I broke my projector finally (classic radio shows are much better w/ out a picture than most of the crap these days)
    I've noticed that myself.
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    Here Are the Results - Who Should Be TIME's Person of the Year 2012? - TIME

    Kim Jong Un seems to be in second place on the list.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephenpace View Post
    don't know if it was posted already but this article is for being "The winner of the Smithsonian Ingenuity Award for technology hopes to launch a revolution with his spaceship and electric car"

    Smithsonian American Ingenuity Awards
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephenpace View Post
    This is well written, and the quotes from Elon are great. He comes across as the articulate visionary instead of his usual interview persona: that nerdy guy whose brain is a zillion miles ahead of his mouth, and who can't be bothered to slow down so the rest of us can catch up.

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