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Thread: Experts Split on New 54.5MPG Rule

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    Experts Split on New 54.5MPG Rule

    Design News - Experts Split on New 54.5MPG Rule

    Gillis's position was echoed by numerous other consumer advocates, as well as by Design News readers, many of whom contended that even if the new rule is eventually abandoned, it will still push automakers to find new ways of squeezing more miles out of their vehicles. "I fully expect that this is too ambitious a goal and the government will eventually have to backpedal," reader Scott Orlosky wrote on our Website, "but we will ultimately end up with cars that make more efficient use of a gallon of gasoline."

    Automotive engineering consultants were not enamored with the new rule, however. Two who talked to Design News argued that the mandate would add far more cost to each vehicle than the often-quoted government figure of $2,800. The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) cited its study showing that the 54.5mpg technology could add as much as $11,000 per vehicle. Scenaria Inc., a consulting firm specializing in the study of technology investment decisions, contended that the figure would minimally reach $5,000 per vehicle, and might hit more than $8,000 on many models.
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    I personally think 54.5 mpg isn't really achievable in the US unless people start driving different cars, or gasoline gets some siblings. I mean it seems like everything but compact cars comes with 200+ horsepower. And a lot of people are still driving SUVs and huge cars (like the Model S ). Even small hybrid cars like the Prius barely makes the requirements. And, no offense here, it is a small, under-powered car (by today's standards), and designed for efficiency. Either we start driving full sized sedans with 120hp 3 cylinders or some cars are going to have to get electric (probably Volt style hybrid, or full electric for big cars; Prius hybrids could be used for small cars) to make that number.

    But it will make cars more fuel efficient! And really that is the goal, not some stupid arbitrary number to reach.

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    2 cycle vs 5 cycle testing
    The difference in testing explains why you might get significantly less in gasoline mileage than the federal mandate. For example, says that the 2016 CAFE standard of 34.1 mpg is actually equal to about 26 mpg on a window sticker. And The Daily Green says 54.5 mpg is actually about 40 mpg on a window sticker.

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    The date when this kicks in is *2025*.

    I think this will be done by producing more electric cars. Which is good. That is totally achievable by *2025*.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElSupreme View Post
    Even small hybrid cars like the Prius barely makes the requirements.
    I don't know about that. Mine seems to do much better--and it's a daily driver. Also, the Prius is not that small. It's a mid-sized car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElSupreme View Post
    And, no offense here, it is a small, under-powered car (by today's standards)
    I respectfully disagree. The Prius is very spacious inside (too bad about the gas engine, but it's still pretty good for a gas engine car). The 2001 Prius that Denise drives has all the power anyone ever needs and the 2004 that I drive has more power than I'll ever use. I really thought we had gotten rid of the muscle cars (and the muscle car mentality) around 1980 or so.

    Quote Originally Posted by ElSupreme View Post
    And really that is the goal, not some stupid arbitrary number to reach.
    I couldn't agree more. Political tricks like giving 5 mpg for "flex-fuel" cars don't accomplish anything except delay real improvements.
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