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[top]Roadster VDS Messages

A list of the VDS messages which can appear and if possible, some advice to the owner who sees them. The VDS can operate in Standard or Debug mode. You enter Debug mode either by tapping the VDS six times and entering a special code, or by letting MPT get in your car.

ID Color Text under normal circumstances Debug text (not normally displayed) Notes / Suggestions
3 blue Maintenance Service Required Have the car serviced or reset the service interval.
25 blue Memory Stick transfer in progress. ... Car is downloading logs to USB memory stick.
53 GPS: No data fault
259 Charge Aborted Battery is too low to charge
269 BSM: Negative contactor/economizer stuck low
287 Power train Problem Service Required
398 blue Key must be on to select new tires
399 Cannot select new tires while moving
400 blue Coast in a straight line at 20-60mph for 10 seconds
409 TPMS: Hardware Error Tire pressure cannot be monitored reliably, e.g. if you just swapped your wheels. For a while, TM was selling a "TPMS Reset Tool" which seems to be no longer available (April 2014).
428 orange 12V Battery Service Required SWP: Aux Battery Supply Low Turned out battery fuse was missing. Or an old Battery (0x81248884)
527 Yellow Right Headlight Bulb Out Check right front high beam bulb Replace the right high beam headlight bulb.
528 Yellow Left Headlight Bulb Out Check left front high beam bulb Replace the left high beam headlight bulb.
529 Orange Right Headlight Bulb Out Check right front low beam bulb Replace the right low beam headlight bulb.
530 Orange Left Headlight Bulb Out Check left front low beam bulb Replace the left low beam headlight bulb.
539 Orange Check Right Front Turn Bulb
604 Battery Low Power Reduced ESS: Low State of charge: power limiting in effect You need to recharge
606 Yellow ESS:Range Mode Remaining charge uncertain You need to recharge
882 Before starting, charge port door must be closed
883 Before starting, exit Tow mode The car is still in tow mode, so it cannot be started.
887 Red Can't start Version number mismatch Paired with 1553
888 red Disarm vehicle with key fob before starting VMS/PEM key mismatch Press the button on the keyfob.
936 yellow Charging Problem DMC FW: Line OverVoltage Peak fault
937 Charge Problem Extension Cord Detected
9 Charge Problem Extension Cord Detected
947 System Too Hot - Vehicle Shutting Down Preceded by error message 1152. Resolution: PEM fans replaced. Likely cause - 1152 indicative of contactor(s) sticking open, but not fatal. Moisture in the open contactors may have caused rusting, resulting in this error.
953 Line Voltage Lost Sync DMC FW: Line Voltage Lost Sync or OverFrequency Fault Bad power; try lowering the current and restarting (or breaker tripped)
954 Line Voltage Lost Sync DMC FW: Line Voltage Lost Sync or UnderFrequency Fault Bad power; try lowering the current and restarting (or breaker tripped)
974 DMC FW: Pole Current Error Fault
981 DMC FW: Bad State Transition Fault Dog tripped over charging cable. Discuss.
960 DMC FW: VBrickMax versus VBattery Error fault You don't want to know.
977 Car moved while charging - charge stopped. Got this for trying to change the wheels while charging the car! Spinning front right wheel by hand (after jacking up car) triggered the message.
1073 DMC FW: PhaseA OverTemp warning. Torque limited
1074 DMC FW: PhaseA Temp Diff warning
1078 DMC FW: PhaseC Temp Diff warning
1084 External Charger Problem
1087 DMC FW: Line Current or Voltage Offset Too Large warning PEM fuse(s) blown, needs to be replaced
1092 Do not plug in charge cable while driving Key left in ignition while trying to plug in?
1095 Press brake pedal before shift. DMC FW: Press brake before shift. Press brake pedal and then select a gear.
1103 ABS & Traction Control Problems. Service Required. ? Pulling out ignition key and waiting until car shutdown (15 minutes) cleared it. Tesla couldn't find issue.
1124 Unsafe Gear Shift Transition Denied Car moving too fast for gear change drive/reverse
1144 Powertrain Problem Service Required DMC PEM Fan Problem Call your Tesla Shop! Alt: Check your Battery Coolant level (I got this error constantly after over-filling the coolant, once I siphoned a little off the error went away)
1146 DMC Motor Fan Problem Low fan speed. Only appears in debug mode? [1].
1152 Charge time increased due to high temperatures. DMC WARNING Charge Thermal Limit (bonnie) Caused car charging rate to intermittently drop from 70amp to as low as 19amp, did not correlate to outside temp or motor temp - PEM & fans cleaned, believed to be result of massive cloud of insulation on freeway that I drove thru - if you see error, check that out first

PEM fans replaced after error 947 received. No further issues.
1153 DMC Wear Factor Warning
1165 Key in Key Switch Door Ajar Driver door opened while car is on
1166 Release Parking Brake Car is driven while parking brake (partially) engaged
1167 blue Headlights still on
1169 Charge port open Charge port opened when car is on
1170 Tow Mode is not available while car is on
1174 Fasten Seatbelt Fasten your seatbelt.
1452 orange HVAC: Low pressure
1463 HVAC: overheat warning HVAC system will pause ~1 minute and continue cooling.
Do not charge inside hot garage with closed Garage door.
Only appears in debug mode.
1493 yellow ESS: Extremely Low. Begin Charging ASAP.
1553 Red Software problem, Service required VMS: VMS firmware version doesn't match car wide release Dump log over usb, check flash/messages, for most recent "VMS: VMS restarted" line, compare with VMS version in flash/firmware.rc file
1554 orange VMS: Not receiving VDS version number Car can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes.
1664 yellow PM: Lost VMS comms warning Blue connector at VMS not plugged in
1900 orange Communication Problem: Service Required VMS-VDS comms fault Happened twice while trying to download logs to USB stick. Went away on third attempt but logs were rejected by Tesla Motors Upload. The USB stick does not seem to be faulty.
1901 blue N/A Window with just text "N/A"
2005 yellow No response to request to stop charging follow error of ID1554
2017 yellow No response to request to change charge mode follow error of ID1554
2031 yellow No response to request to save charging time follow error of ID1554
2033 yellow No response to request to save charge timing follow error of ID1554
2035 yellow No response to request to save current limit follow error of ID1554
2037 yellow No response to request to save cost/kWh follow error of ID1554
2070 yellow No response to request to get keyfob function follow error of ID1554
2078 yellow There was a problem processing your request No response to request to enter Tow Mode follow error of ID1554
2096 yellow No response to Pin submission follow error of ID1554
? External Charger Problem ? UMC's red fault light blinking. Unplugged car & UMC, then replugged and all OK.
[1] I only ever saw this message in debug mode, and it was coming up a lot (several times per hour of driving). It completely stopped when I left debug mode. Not sure if this is coincidence.

[top]Common issues and solutions

Q: Stock halogen headlights aren't that good. What to do?
A: Upgrade them to Xenon HIDs.

Q: I don't have an iPhone, what should I do with the iPhone dock?
A: Convert it to USB

Q: My key fob only opens the car when I'm really close to it.
A1: Replace the battery
A2: Extend/move the antenna cable

More to come

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