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Tesla Motors Club (TMC) was formed in August 2006 by dsacks6 as an online discussion forum for the then fledgling Tesla Motors battery electric car project. TMC remains the premier independent forum for Tesla Motors and one of the core forums for electric cars worldwide. Although electric cars have existed in some capacity for over a century, Tesla Motors was the first company in a long time to courageously develop a truly ambitious and uncompromising vision of the future of automotive transportation. Their commitment to build not just electric cars, but the best cars that they could conceive of, has led them to compete head to head with the automotive establishment. Today Tesla Motors is shaking up the industry and has had far reaching and irrevocable influence on the development of automotive technology and the future of transportation.

When dsacks6 started TMC, he recognized that Tesla Motors had something special going on, and saw the need for an independent place for people to discuss it and share opinions. Over the first few years he grew the site to a few hundred active users. Doug became a moderator in July of 2008 and has substantially taken it upon himself to monitor and develop the content of TMC. He has become an important personality in the TMC community and is an integrative part of the website's functioning. He is now very active in improving functionality of the forums software. MPT joined the site as a member in December 2008 providing technical assistance, and site hosting. He has provided invaluable technical advice, development and direction to the website ever since. MPT is now well known in the broader EV community for his commitment to electric cars.

Tesla Motors Club would not be where it is today without the contribution of its many passionate forum members and moderators.

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