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As might be expected in any specialized area, we use a lot of acronyms on this forum. Below is a list of some of the more common ones.

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A Electrical Terminology Ampere (amp), the SI unit of electric current
AP Vehicle Terminology Autopilot
AWG Electrical Terminology American Wire Gauge - measurement of the cross section of a conductor, the rest of the world denotes the diameter in millimeters.
BEV Vehicle Terminology Battery electric vehicle. Cars like Tesla or Nissan Leaf are sometimes called BEV to differentiate them from fuel cell vehicles are also electric vehicles.
BMS Vehicle Terminology Battery Management System.
CAC Electrical Terminology Calculated Amp-hour Capacity. Example: CAC is 162 Ah (Amp hours). This term is commonly used among Tesla Roadster owners as a measure of battery health.
CAN Vehicle Terminology Controller Area Network.
CCS Charging and Chargers Combined Charging System (SAE DC fast charging connector, based on the J1772 in N. America and the Mennekes type 2 plug in Europe)
Cd Vehicle Terminology Drag Coefficient (a measure of aerodynamics)
CdA Vehicle Terminology Drag Area (Cd times cross-sectional area)
CHAdeMO Charging and Chargers A Japanese-developed standard for EV DC quick charging
CID Vehicle Terminology Central Information Display
D Vehicle Terminology Dual motor: A Model S equipped with two (front and rear axle) motors, each with a fixed gear reduction and a power inverter to provide all wheel drive. This improves traction, stability, and efficiency at high speed. It also increases the power and performance of the Model S at the expense of higher cost, weight, and smaller frunk space.
DOE Company or Organization United States Department of Energy.
DTE Charging and Chargers Distance to Empty
EPA Company or Organization US Environmental Protection Agency. They test the driving range of electric vehicles and publish on their website. For example the Model S 85 has 265 miles EPA rated range. A list of all electric vehicles and their EPA rated range numbers can be found on the EPA website here. A 5 cycle test is performed to test the range. More info about this test can be found here.
EREV Vehicle Terminology Extended Range Electric Vehicle
EV Vehicle Terminology Electric Vehicle
EVSE Charging and Chargers Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (delivers power to an EV)
FCEV Vehicle Terminology Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle (rebranding of HFCVs from the hydrogen industry)
FCV Vehicle Terminology Fuel-Cell Vehicle (most likely hydrogen)
FSKR Company or Organization Fisker Automotive. Maker of Karma and Atlantic EREVs
FWD Vehicle Terminology 1. Front-wheel drive
2. Falcon wing doors
HFCV Vehicle Terminology Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle
HID Vehicle Terminology High Intensity Discharge headlamps
HPC Charging and Chargers High-Power Connector (a Tesla specific non-portable 240V EVSE)
HPWC Charging and Chargers High-Power Wall Connector (a Tesla specific non-portable 240V EVSE)
HUD Vehicle Terminology Head-Up Display
IC Vehicle Terminology Instrument Cluster
ICE Vehicle Terminology Internal Combustion Engine
J1772 Charging and Chargers A SAE-developed standard for EV electrical connectors & signalling
kW Electrical Terminology Kilowatt = 1,000 W. Unit of power. Example: "The type 2 charger was 20 kW."
kWh Electrical Terminology Kilowatt-hour = 1,000 Wh. Unit of energy. Example: "The Model S battery stores 85 kWh energy."
LHD Vehicle Terminology Left Hand Drive
MB Company or Organization Mercedes Benz. A marque of Daimler
MC Vehicle Terminology Multi-coat paint. Example: Tesla's MC red costs $1500 extra.
MC240 Charging and Chargers Original Roadster 240V portable EVSE (NEMA14-50 only)
MCU Vehicle Terminology Media Control Unit (the Tesla 17" touchscreen and the computer and I/O modules mounted behind it)
MPG Vehicle Terminology Miles per Gallon
MPGe Vehicle Terminology Miles per Gallon gasoline equivalent
MW Electrical Terminology Megawatt = 1,000 kW = 1,000,000 W
MWh Electrical Terminology Megawatt-hour = 1,000 kWh = 1,000,000 Wh
NEDC Company or Organization New European Driving Cycle. Electric vehicles sold in Europe advertise their range as NEDC rated range. For example the Model S 85 has 400 km NEDC rated range.
NEMA Company or Organization National Electrical Manufacturer's Association (plug standards). Nema 14-50 is the most common 240V wall socked in the USA used with Tesla's Universal Mobile Connector (UMC).
P Vehicle Terminology Tesla Model S, general Production run
P85 Vehicle Terminology Performance edition of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S
PG&E Company or Organization Pacific Gas & Electric (utility serving northern California)
PGE Company or Organization Portland General Electric (utility serving Portland, OR)
PHEV Vehicle Terminology Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
PiP Vehicle Terminology Plug-in Prius (Toyota PHEV)
R Vehicle Terminology Tesla Model S, general production run reserved by Roadster owner or friend
REX Vehicle Terminology Range extender. BMW i3 REX comes with a range extender ICE engine.
RFMC Charging and Chargers Roadster Foundry Mobile Connector ('home-brew' UMC)
RHD Vehicle Terminology Right Hand Drive
S85 Vehicle Terminology Standard (non-performance) edition of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S
SAE Company or Organization Society of Automotive Engineers (now SAE International) A US-based institution that develops standards for automotive and allied industries
SC Multiple meanings/categories 1. Supercharger
2. Service Center
SCE Company or Organization Southern California Edison (electric utility serving southern California)
Sig Vehicle Terminology Tesla Model S, Signature Edition (sometimes also referred to simply as S - e.g. S1 for first sig. vehicle)
SOC Charging and Chargers State of Charge (% of full)
SSL Vehicle Terminology Tesla Model S, Signature Edition reserved by Roadster owner or friend
TM Company or Organization 1. Tesla Motors, Inc.
2. NASDAQ Symbol of Toyota Motor Corp.
TMC Company or Organization 1. Tesla Motors Club (this forum)
2. Toyota Motor Corporation
3. Tesla Motors Company (only made in error, not recommended)
TSLA Company or Organization NASDAQ Symbol of Tesla Motors
UMC Charging and Chargers Universal Mobile Connector (a Tesla-specific charging connector cable)
V Electrical Terminology Volt, the SI unit of electric potential. V = W/A
VIN Vehicle Terminology Vehicle Identification Number. See Decoding Tesla Model S VINs
W Electrical Terminology Watt, a unit of power. W = V*A
Wh Electrical Terminology Watt-hour, a unit of energy. 1 W applied continuously for 1 hour
Wh/km Electrical Terminology Watt-hours per kilometre. Unit of average energy consumption for electric vehicles outside the USA and UK.
Wh/mi Electrical Terminology Watt-hours per mile. Unit of average energy consumption for electric vehicles in the USA and UK.

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