EV Acronyms

As might be expected in any specialized area, we use a lot of acronyms on this forum. Here's a listing of some of the more common ones:

[top]Companies and Organizations

TM Tesla Motors, Inc. (maker of Roadster, Model S, Model X BEVs)
TM stock ticker symbol for Toyota Motor Corp. (maker of RAV4EV, investor in TSLA)
TSLA stock ticker symbol for Tesla Motors
TMC Tesla Motors Club (this forum)
TMC Toyota Motor Corporation
FSKR Fisker Automotive (maker of Karma and Atlantic EREVs)
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers (now SAE International), a US-based institution that develops standards for automotive and allied industries
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturer's Association (plug standards)
DOE United States Department of Energy
MB Mercedes Benz (a marque of Daimler)
PG&E Pacific Gas & Electric (utility serving northern California)
PGE Portland General Electric (utility serving Portland, OR)
SCE Southern California Edison (electric utility serving southern California)

[top]Vehicle Terminology

ICE Internal Combustion Engine
EV Electric Vehicle
BEV Battery-only Electric Vehicle
PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
EREV Extended Range Electric Vehicle
FCV Fuel-Cell Vehicle (most likely hydrogen)
HFCV Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle
FCEV Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle (rebranding of HFCVs from the hydrogen industry)
Cd Drag Coefficient (a measure of aerodynamics)
CdA Drag Area (Cd times cross-sectional area)
MPG Miles per Gallon
MPGe Miles per Gallon gasoline equivalent
HID High Intensity Discharge headlamps
HUD Head-Up Display
PiP Plug-in Prius (Toyota PHEV)
Sig Tesla Model S, Signature Edition (sometimes also referred to simply as S - e.g. S1 for first sig. vehicle)
SSL Tesla Model S, Signature Edition reserved by Roadster owner or friend
R Tesla Model S, general production run reserved by Roadster owner or friend
P Tesla Model S, general Production run
Perf Tesla Model S (any edition) with the Performance option
P85 Performance edition of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S
S85 Standard (non-performance) edition of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S
D Dual drive, a Model S equipped with two (front and rear axle) motors, each with a fixed gear reduction and a power inverter to provide all wheel drive. This improves traction, stability, and efficiency at high speed. It also increases the power and performance of the Model S at the expense of higher cost, weight, and smaller frunk space.

[top]Electrical Terminology

W Watt, a unit of power. W = V*A
kW Kilowatt = 1,000 W
MW Megawatt = 1,000 kW = 1,000,000 W
Wh Watt-hour, a unit of energy. 1 W applied continuously for 1 hour
kWh Kilowatt-hour = 1,000 Wh
MWh Megawatt-hour = 1,000 kWh = 1,000,000 Wh
A Ampere ("amp"), the SI unit of electric current
V Volt, the SI unit of electric potential. V = W/A
AWG American Wire Gauge - measurement of the cross section of a conductor, the rest of the world denotes the diameter in millimeters.
Ampacity The current carrying capacity of a conductor, depends on the cross section (i.e. AWG) and the material (i.e. copper, aluminum, etc.)

[top]Charging and Chargers

EVSE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (delivers power to an EV)
HPC High-Power Connector (a Tesla specific non-portable 240V EVSE)
HPWC High-Power Wall Connector (a Tesla specific non-portable 240V EVSE)
UMC Universal Mobile Connector (a Tesla-specific charging connector cable)
RFMC Roadster Foundry Mobile Connector ('home-brew' UMC)
MC240 Original Roadster 240V portable EVSE (NEMA14-50 only)
J1772 a SAE-developed standard for EV electrical connectors & signaling
CHAdeMO a Japanese-developed standard for EV DC quick charging
CCS Combined Charging System (SAE DC fast charging connector, based on the J1772 in N. America and the Mennekes type 2 plug in Europe)
'Supercharger' Tesla brand name for Model S DC quick charger
SC Supercharger
SOC State of Charge (% of full)
DTE Distance to Empty

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