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    Quote Originally Posted by TEG View Post
    We took to calling the Model S version 'HPC2' for a while. Not sure if Tesla ever called it that themselves though...
    This is 'weird'... Check out this unfinished page:
    Charging Model S | Tesla Motors
    HPC2 was a natural extension since Tesla was referring to the Model S UMC as the UMC2.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hero_UMC-02.png 
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    Looks like someone has an oil leak.

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    We should probably add P85+ to this list for Model S.

    But my real point for posting is for X...

    For now let's assume the battery sizes are the same as the S.

    X85A? X85D?
    X85AP? X85DP?

    Also, when/if AWD comes to S ...
    S85AP? S85DP?
    S85AP+? S85DP+?

    Note that (AFAIK) (1) "S (non-AWD) Perf" exists but "X non-AWD Perf" won't while (2) "X AWD non-Perf" will exist while "S AWD Non-Perf" might not.
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    In the event anyone is still updating the list of acronyms how's about adding MPH (Miles Per Hour of charge)?
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    Hi. I made these changes:

    • I merged small tables. When the reader comes here to find an acronym, he doesn't know what category it belongs. He would have to check all small tables. Imagine a foreign language dictionary that separates nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs. If you don't know a word, which category do you look at? You wouldn't know. It would be super annoying if you had to check all categories for each word. Therefore dictionaries are not divided into multiple categories. There is a single category. You find the word and then it tells you if it is a noun or verb etc. I followed the same method.
    • I added notes to other editors to the beginning.
    • I removed "PERF". This is not an acronym. Shorter versions of words (example: fab) are not acronyms.
    • I removed "Supercharger". That is not an acronym either. Yes that is a specific term to Tesla but unless somebody changes the title of this wiki to "EV Acronyms and Vocabulary", only acronyms should be on the list I think. If the wiki is renames we could add unique words like "Supercharger", "Vampire Loss" and "Frunk" to a second table below the existing table.
    • I added RHD, LHD, EPA, NEDC, Wh/mi, Wh/km.
    • I added a new column called category to preserve the category information that existed before tables were merged. This way no information is lost.
    • I added borders. Makes it easier to read.
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