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Thread: Model S reservation spot on ebay

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    Model S reservation spot on ebay

    Seller does not say what type of reservation or what his or her place in line is, just that their "Time to order" email came yesterday, so I'm guessing they are in the P3xxx range. Starting bid $10,000, Buy-It-Now price $19,000:

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    This guy has been waiting a really long time if this is a model year 1900 Tesla "wagon." I'd think if you were going to attempt this kind of a scam, you'd have someone spell check your text.

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    And get the facts straight:

    Tesla production is sold out for this and next year so if you want to be one of the first once to enjoy this marval of engineering this is your rare opportunity. This is the only offer of this kind on ebay and previously oportunities like this were selling for over $25,000
    Ummmm, next year sold out? I don't think so.

    And when/where were the other reservation slots sold for over $25,000? All those we've seen here seemed never to come to fruition.
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    "first once".... k.
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    Yes, this inspires real "confidance":

    I am an old reputable ebayer and you sould bid with full confidance.

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    Closed for $12,100

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    Possibly seller was this person... Non-native English speaker:

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