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Thread: Official word from Tesla (GeorgeB) on the vanity mirror light and rear reading lights

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    Well said Rich!

    Quote Originally Posted by richkae View Post
    A fine line between passion and lunacy. Sometimes we blur the line.
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    Originally Posted by GeorgeB
    Hi everyone,

    First of all, thanks to everyone throughout this thread who had faith in us that we were doing the right thing. Your support is always greatly appreciated.

    So, what’s going on… This thread started as the result of a change to our website specs page and a response from one of the Tesla Team about rear seat reading lights and the desire to increase visibility for tall customers. The following highlights exactly what we’ve been working on.

    The beta Lighted Vanity Visor that first showed up in Model S was not acceptable to us from an appearance, function or size standpoint. So we rejected it and immediately started working on another version. In the meantime, we started delivering cars. We did not want to be delivering cars without Lighted Vanity Visors when our webpage specs said otherwise…so we changed the specs page to be more accurate at that moment in time.

    The removal of 2nd Row Reading lights from the specs page is also an “accuracy of the moment” issue. We removed these from the specs page because we were working on another initiative that might impact what type of light we could use in the back seat for a reading light. Basically, we found a way to potentially add a few millimeters of additional headroom in the back seat. As part of that initiative, we didn’t know for sure if we would be able to use the same light fixture, or even the same type of reading light going forward…so we deleted it from the specs page to be more accurate at the time.

    Both of these issues are temporary issues, and for those of you who have been following us for a while, you know how we operate. When something doesn’t meet our expectations, we dive right in to fix it. We work hard to find the best solution possible, then we implement it. We try to keep all information as up to date as possible, but in today’s world, that sometimes causes problems from a communication standpoint. Nevertheless, we always feel as though it is better to be as accurate and up to date as possible, even if it makes things a little tougher for us from time to time.

    You will soon see another change to our specs page. You will see the addition of 2nd Row Reading Lights. We have been able to accomplish what we set out to do with the rear seat headroom, and will be able provide reading lights in the same place as originally planned. We focused first on the headroom adjustment because that is more complicated within the car itself, then we focused on the lights and placement. To avoid any further questions about what will happen next, let me be perfectly clear... there will be a few early cars delivered that do not have 2nd Row Reading Lights. However, we will be happy to install them in the future (at no charge of course). The wires are already in place so this is not a major event.

    You will not see the Lighted Vanity Visor back on the specs page for a little while longer because we are still working on getting the form factor and functionality exactly the way we want it. It will be lighted, it will have a mirror, and it can easily be retrofit into all cars. In fact, we will be encouraging everyone to get the retrofit.

    So just to be clear, all cars that get delivered are set up to have reading lights in 2nd row seats and Lighted Vanity Visors. Those that don’t have the latest and greatest when they receive their car can have these items retrofit at no additional cost.

    I hope this helps clear up all questions regarding this issue. Please understand, we are very, very serious about everything that goes into Model S. We are doing all we can to make every millimeter count while still listening to what our customers and future customers want. We are going to have lights in the right places, a shelf that was asked for by customers in the console area, and a lighted visor mirror that you can look into and smile. And when all is said and done, that is what we are really striving for…you smiling.


    What a wonderful great response from George B and TM. This is what sets Tesla apart from other automobile manufacturers. This is what sets Elon Musk apart from the CEOs of other companies. My wife and I are grateful that TM responded to our and other customers concerns so promptly. We were devastated that we would have to cancel after waiting all these years. Well, we are confirming our "Build your Tesla email" today and now we can hardly wait to get the car. Personally I don't see any shortcomings in the car now. There will always be some features which can be added later.

    For future reference, if there had been a better line of communication from TM regarding these features I and and others like me wouldn't have been venting our frustrations over these issues on this and the other forums. But hey, that is in the past as GeorgeB put it, we have a Tesla smile on our faces today!

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    The first two posts in this thread already have the entire contents of George's post.

    I'm glad people are happy but I'm already weary of it being repasted 20x in every thread. Perhaps the mods can nuke the duplicates.
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    For those of you who now have your cars, what's the status on the vanity mirror? Has Tesla upgraded these or are they the same old original mirrors that people complained about?
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    Sig 692/Vin 00495 received my Model S on 11/2/2012..."same old original mirrors that people complained about..."

    Had my first visit to Menlo Park Service Center last week to get some of my punch list items addressed but Mirrors are still MIA!

    At least I have a "Model S" ensignia on my trunk now and a Cubby in the center console area!!!! Progress!

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    I've still got the smaller mirrors, but I honestly don't mind them. Granted, I haven't had to block sun or put on makeup just yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnOutsider View Post
    Granted, I haven't had to block sun or put on makeup just yet.
    You're not being honest about one of these issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Burch View Post
    For those of you who now have your cars, what's the status on the vanity mirror? Has Tesla upgraded these or are they the same old original mirrors that people complained about?
    My car rolled off the line exactly a week ago and we have the cubby but no lighted mirrors. Wife is currently liking the mirrors (doesn't really wear makeup) so we may not get the retrofit when offered - depends on what it looks like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevincwelch View Post
    You're not being honest about one of these issues.
    Is it the blocking sun part? The visors are almost useless to block sun- much like the Roadster.

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    Can you name another car company that responds in real time to customer concerns and communicates directly to the customers? Typically, a mid-production modification like this would only happen for liability reasons, not to satisfy customers.
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