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Thread: Model S Delivery Update

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    I sent my DS an email when I noticed that the status message changed from "in production" to "in production queue". I thought it was odd that it would backtrack and feared the worst after reading about another 70D that had to be reproduced after a "glitch" in production.

    Anyway, all is good .

    My DS responded to my inquiry last night at 11:04 EST and assured me that the website status was an error and that the car had been produced successfully and was being prepared for delivery by rail. Great guy! Checked the site this morning and sure enough the message had updated to reflect the next step.

    i thought I would post this for any others that might see the status messages going the wrong way.

    70D | confirmed April 29th

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    Ordered 4-23
    Confirmed 4-24
    VIN assigned 4-28
    Last 5. xxx8683x
    Production Date: 5-15
    Back to Que: 5-22
    In Transit: 5-24
    Promised delivery to Atlanta GA: 6-6-15

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