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Thread: Model S Delivery Update

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    Those dates specifically?

    Last Monday, I happened to ask about my delivery date before the delays started to happen and I was give a range of between the 19th and the 23rd. Then on Wednesday the website changed from "September" to "Late September." No actual personal communication from the DS though. But, if your delay is exactly a week and inside the range I was given, that gives me better information than I had before.

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    Good News
    At 9:59 8/27 (10AM was my online scheduled pickup time) I finally got, sort of, a delivery date:
    "somewhere in the 9/11-14 window"
    Based on a large sample of 1 unit, it appears that deliveries have slipped 3 weeks, plus or minus a month or so...
    (It was rather strange to see my delivery date just hours away knowing full well that it was not true. It would have been the only one to not have gone into production and then be delivered as a kit car

    I believe this is a causality of the assembly line expansion... good news for the future but bad news in the current events category.

    Tesla should support those few "Delivery specialists" with more factual & timely information... not the job of choice this month...
    I had to go back to my "owner advisor" to help pry out information...

    Clock's reset for a TBD delivery in September.

    ...its just a car

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    tduder, that's a great attitude with your car delayed 2-3 weeks. I'm sure you give your DS and OA some much needed relief from the less understanding customers they need to deal with.
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    I finally got a delivery date from my DS - September 28th. It originally said Late September so not much of a change.

    Ordered 7/3/14. VIN #52688

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    I'm delayed from 9/19 to around 9/27 or so... VIN 52917

    Quote Originally Posted by SkiWA View Post
    I finally got a delivery date from my DS - September 28th. It originally said Late September so not much of a change.

    Ordered 7/3/14. VIN #52688

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