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Thread: New Model S Reservation 10,636 Holder

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    New Model S Reservation 10,636 Holder

    Hello TMC Forums!

    Just rode in a buddy's Model S Test Drive on Sunday and validated that my 6'8" frame fit easily in the driver's seat so my wife and I put our $5K deposit down on a Model S!

    I hear that this forum is much better than the forums on the Tesla Motors Website. We have 10 months (or so) to design our Model S. Any recommendations? What should I learn / know before making decisions?

    What should I go explore on this site?

    - ASG

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    Welcome ASG; nothing wrong with signing up on Tesla's site as well. As a reservation holder that will allow you to read the private posts between members which at times is more candid than the open forum posts. Many of our European friends post on that site as well; I always enjoy reading their perspective on Tesla's design decisions. A good primer on Tesla and the Model S in particular can be gained by reading the blogs Tesla posted on their own site: Blog | Enthusiasts | Tesla Motors

    The FAQ (located at top banner) on this site will provide you lots of info as well; be prepared to do lots of reading though!

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