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Thread: Solar panels, a realistic solution to charging?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wycolo View Post
    Ok, so CA doesn't cut you down to 'avoided cost' rate like WY does. Getting only two to three cents per KWH that we in WY pump back into grid is NO incentive at all, but just being grid connected is a plus nonetheless due to the intrisic benefits of being connected.
    Odd, since says Wyoming has Net Metering. This says it applies to electric coops and has Net Excess Generation "Credited to customer's next bill at retail rate; excess reconciled annually at seasonal avoided-cost rate". To me, that looks like you get full retail credit for your energy production. The avoided cost comes into play probably once a year where you might get cash back.

    In Kansas, I don't get any cash back, but I do get full retail credit for what I generate and dump onto the grid, which can carry over from month to month until the end of the year. I activated a 5 kW system on July 31. Since then, it's generated just over 2,000 kWh of electricity. Of that, over 1,100 kWh was excess and dumped onto the grid. Over the same several months, I later pulled about 800 kWh back off the grid. The PV system is large enough that my meter runs backwards during the day, anytime that the air conditioner is not running. I'll build up excess credit, which will expire at the end of the year, and then start building up a credit for the cooling season next summer. I'll probably pay for some electricity towards the end of the summer, but it should make me close to zero net electricity usage.

    One could possibly come up with a system that worked off-grid, but when you have the grid available, just connect the PV system to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mulder1231 View Post

    They say it's a safety issue. Firemen have to be able to walk on the roof in case of fire. (Stupid rule, they have the entire other side of the roof to walk on )
    I am a fireman, so I can shed some light on this. One of the best things that we can do on a structure fire is vertical ventilation. For this to be me most effective, we must be able to cut a hole in the roof directly above the fire. Doing this will allow the heat and smoke to escape through the room without being pushed into the rest of the house. This limits the spread of the fire, but most importantly, greatly improves smoke and heat conditions inside the house, allowing for the search team to locate victims quickly, and also giving anyone trapped inside the house a much greater chance of surviving. If we only have access to 50% of the roof, there is a 50% chance that we would not be able to cut the hole directly above the fire, rendering vertical ventilation non-effective. Hope this clear this up. Just about every rule in the fire code is written in blood, we really do not make things up just because it sounds like a good idea, but because someone got killed, and a change to the code was made to prevent it from happening again.

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    So the 3' border may work somewhat, but seems that the code would better serve the described firefighting technique if it instead limited the square footage of each group of PV panels and required an aisle between groups of PV panels. That would provide better access to the various rooms under a larger roof that a simple border wouldn't.

    Now I got all worried and started looking at the photos I took of the PV array that was just put on our roof last week to determine if the layout "buried" any rooms... and then remembered we have a cavernous one-room attic that it is over!

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