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Thread: Model S Owner's Manual

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vger View Post
    It would seems this can be checked off: | Tesla Motors

    I downloaded the full manuals, and I think any reservation holder can access this.

    PS The link can be REALLY slow... be patient.
    Thank you for the link!
    It appears to be wide-open, you don't need to be logged into the Tesla web site to get the PDFs.
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    Here's a link for the US site: | Tesla Motors

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    This from another thread, owners guide as pdf:

    Quote Originally Posted by mcornwell View Post
    Looking at the Model S Owners Guide,....
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    This is very short at 36 pages. The Toyota Rav 4 EV is almost 500 pages!
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    Thanks timdorr!!!! I've been WAITING for this. Just read the whole document, it answers lots of questions. Now I'm ready for my delivery....

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    Yeah, as it says this is the "quick guide" to answer the most common things. The full owner's manual will come in time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NigelM View Post
    Just curious....Now there's a few cars out there, have any of the new owners checked back in to their "My Tesla" page to see if this button has appeared?:

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    I would be willing to bet money that for people whose cars have been delivered it still says "The factory is building your Model S".

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    Saw a couple of mistakes:
    1. 19" rims are are listed as 8.0J in front and 9.0J in rear. Guess you would have to dismount the tyres to rotate them…
    2. 21" tyres are listed as Continental DWS instead of DW.
    3. Service interval is given as 12 months or 12000 miles instead of 12500 miles as per blogs and discussion here.

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    Looks like with active air suspension you could use Jack mode and the very high setting to get over ramps, up and down your driveway, in and out of your garage, etc. as long as your speed is under 4.5 mph. As soon as you go faster, it cancels the Jack mode automatically.

    Page 29 of the quick guide for owners.

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    I noticed an interesting feature. The car auto-locks itself when you walk away with the FOB (this can be turned off).

    Interesting. It sounds like they've come up with a model where you never lock or unlock anything. You just walk up to the car, open the door, sit down and drive, then get out and walk away.
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