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Thread: Charging Station at General Lewis Inn, Lewisburg, WV

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    Charging Station at General Lewis Inn, Lewisburg, WV

    The General Lewis Inn in Lewisburg, WV (Lewisburg WV Hotels ~ General Lewis Inn ~ 888.697.5902) is an excellent destination for a TESLA road trip as it now has a J1772 charging station.

    I had to be at the General Lewis Inn for a meeting with a small group of engineers last week so I emailed ahead and asked if they had a charging station.

    Jim Morgan, one of the owners, emailed back and said they did not but then surprised me by asking if a GE Level II J1772 charging station that he located on-line at Home Depot would work. I responded it sure would! Jim told me it would be waiting for me when we arrived!

    Lewisburg, WV is 240 miles from Reston so that was way too far to get to without stopping along the way to charge. We stopped along the way off I-81 at the Harrisonburg Electric Commission which has a charging station open to the public in their parking lot: Harrisonburg Electric . It is one block from Main Street in Harrisonburg. We ate a nice long relaxing lunch, both coming and going, at Clementine Café on Main Street. Then, to kill another couple of hours to be sure that we had a sufficient charge for the remainder of the trip, we stopped in at the Massanutten Regional Library which is ½ block from both Clementine Café and the Harrisonburg Electric Commission charging station.

    Here is a photo of the charging station that Jim put in just for our visit to the General Lewis Inn, and is now available to anyone who visits his lovely, historic inn, and our TESLA Roadster charging at it.

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