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Thread: Opportunity Console - New Photos, Poll

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    Good to see more options. Not sure how that phone slot is supposed to function. But bottom line, there needs to be more concealable storage. Every luxury car I've been in has some sort of concealable storage, often done to match the trim and with nice elegant damped door hinges. Concealable is key not only as a theft deterrent, but also to keep the car clean looking.

    Without concealable storage that opportunity console will become an opportunity receptacle of crap, collecting loose papers, makeup, coins, cell phone charges, toys...all out in the open. Not a good look.

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    What's underneath the top of the front opportunity console? Is that now inaccessible space?

    I'd suggest looking at what Honda did with the Ridgeline. It's got a console that only goes 1/2 towards the dash. There's still floor space in front of it for backpacks, purses, etc., but the console itself has a top shelf that slides back to reveal hidden storage, and for larger items, the bottom of the console itself slides forward for better access. Having both hidden storage and an open floor gives most of the best of both worlds.

    Here's the Ridgeline console in its normal position:
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    And in the bottom slide forward position:
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    The remainder of the shelf slides as well for access to the back of the hidden storage. There are also movable dividers in the hidden storage area. Oh, and the top cushion lifts up for more storage - great place for coins, a wallet a flashlight, and a cell phone (use bluetooth to access).

    Obviously, we'd want something less plastic-y, but the general concept is what I'm promoting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smorgasbord View Post
    I'd suggest looking at what Honda did with the Ridgeline.
    +1. If done to match the interior, this would be an elegant solution that would make both camps happy. Those that want the dead space for bags can still use it as such, and those that want more storage and cup holders get that. I've always said it didn't have to be one or the other. Tesla had a big opportunity to innovate with the console given the lack of a center hump, but sort of put a couple low-profile dividers down the middle and called it a day.

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    would think the rear console would be nice as replacement for the front console!
    more storage, and cupholders more forward!
    but concealed cupholders looks more classy in my mind
    replace the cupholders with a lockable little storage for glasses, phone & coins (concealed under a lid)
    leave the floor console as it is, or remove it

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    Ok, now that these are the photos, I need a concealed space for sunglasses, coins (preferably segregated from each other via slots) place for nic-naks and a remote. The operative word is concealed. Not sure making the floor of the console out of the same decor finish is wise; very confusing on the eye with the grained wood, to shiny and easily scratched on the black piano finish. Probably best to use a material that is easy to clean, hides dirt and does not show scratches that is consistent with all decor trims.

    Regarding the rear seat add on console, anything other than a integrated solution (2008 350 RX as an example) is going to be seen as an afterthought, a compromise. That's a nice way to say the add on console looks "Micky Mouse" and is a "Rube Goldberg" solution. How to Mickey Mouse Something I raise and lower the back seat enough to know I am not going to be happy stowing and retrieving any add-on rear console. Bite the bullet Tesla and offer an integrated solution for the rear passengers. Also, I would also like to see netting on the back of the front seats to store water bottles for the rear passengers.

    Thanks for listening and taking my comments into consideration.

    PS: I do like the open space for man and women purses and such, so please keep a good portion of it. The 2008 Lexus 350 RX has this as well and is very handy.
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    If TM wants constructive feedback on the opportunity console, it might be a good idea to provide an annotated set of design sketches. The sketches would provide simple dimensions and a description of what we're seeing in the informal photos now posted on the first page of this thread. The current photos make the opportunity console difficult to assess. Having said that ...

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, the rear seat cupholder/storage add-on is a good design afterthought. It works and should be offered as an option. I'll likely order one, assuming pricing is fair (free for sigs?

    After studying the photos of the front 'console' (and making necessary assumptions about the design), I'm encouraged, but not impressed.

    I suspect that for those purchasers who want a minimalist implementation, the current cubbie, along with the 'holder' on the bottom of the front wall (under the display on the floor) will be sufficient. The addition of a phone holder, 12V plug, and (if I'm interpreting the photo correctly) flip-up storage space under the existing cupholder tower is an improvement, but still fails to meet the needs of the many buyers who would like a more substantial front console.


    In the first photo on page 1 of this thread, we see the open console area with under dash cubbie, non-skid tracks, and a small area toward the rear for 12V plug and other undefined entities. This can be a starting point for a more substantial "center console insert" (CCI) that fits into the full length of the area that has non-skid tracks and accessory finish (in the photo it looks like piano black).

    The bottom of the CCI would be molded to fit securely inside the existing plastic side rails, but would be stepped outward to overlap the top of the the existing rails and rise to a height that is just below the driver/passenger seat surface. This would give it some depth but still provide an open feel, allowing the creation of two simple covered storage boxes and a phone attachment. The storage boxes would have push up covers (found in many luxury cars) in the accessory finish that was ordered with the car. The CCI would fit under the cubbie shown (the cubbie could remain or not) and should be relatively easy to install.

    I've done a very rudimentary line drawing (no time today for anything more) to give you an idea. The CCI would contain:

    - a storage box for sunglasses (under the cubbie up front) with a flip up cover
    - a central larger storage box (about 10 x 8 x 5 inches) with duel flip up cover.
    - a rear phone charging/connection station with a flip-up cover

    Again, I want to emphasize that this modular insert would be only for those of us who want a real center console.

    After the first wave of buyers, the Model S will live or die based on head to head comparisons with BMW, Merc, Audi and possibly Lexus, when non-EV enthusiasts take a look and seriously consider a purchase. I have to believe the number of those people choosing the CCI option would be non-trivial and might, in fact, be the majority of all purchasers of the car.

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    The last few cars I've owned have had such large user manuals and small "glove" boxes that you would be pressed to actually get a pair of gloves in there. They were effectively manual boxes. Since the Model S will have the manual in digital form, whatever space there is in the glove box will actually be available for gloves, and that bottle of ibuprophen, and the keys to my mom's house, and the handi-wipes, and, well, some reasonable portion of the crap in my current center console.

    Given that extra space, I think the space available in the various opportunity console options will be sufficient for my purposes. For stuff I don't need to be able to access frequently or while I'm driving (the bound version of the manual), the frunk should work well. I'd still like a spot that can be reached from the driver's seat to stash an umbrella though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unclfuzzy View Post
    whatever space there is in the glove box will actually be available for gloves, and that bottle of ibuprophen
    This reminds me. There needs to be storage space in the back to store "assistance" for those in the back with a weak stomach during test drives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcornwell View Post
    Is this one of the prototypes for the console? (From Motor Trend's review)

    Attachment 6947
    Assuming this is one of the options, I really like this version which includes an open cubby under the touch-screen as well as an armrest with concealed storage along with cupholders. It would be nice if a USB outlet was included in the covered armrest to store and charge a cell phone.
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    I absolutely agree that it need concealable storage. Even in the picture from the even (where they're wiping the car down every 5 minutes) it already looks like it's getting dirty. My vote is that it's an improvement over nothing but barely. I love the idea of CLS550 (pic hopefully below) where there are leather covered doors that run most of the length and flip up either direction to uncover different storage compartments. Beyond that, absolutely needs to be a place to dock smartphones. Let's be realistic, I think 95% of all Tesla drivers not only have a smartphone but have much of their life (contact to family, friends, business as well as music, entertainment and more to come...) going through the phone. It's an integral part of our lives and it should occupy an important space in the car. I know how some feel about phones and I know the laws on safety. But it's simply reality that these things are important to us and that most of us use them in some capacity in the car. I realize the 17" screen is like a smartphone on steroids but either that screen will connect to the phone for the feature you want or it won't. Either way I think the phone should be docked and displayed in a key spot.
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