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Thread: Where to charge on the way Geneva-Aymaville-Torino

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    Where to charge on the way Geneva-Aymaville-Torino

    Do somebody know, where to charge Tesla Roadster on the way Geneva-Aymaville-Torino on June
    Raivo E. Tamm
    Talinn, Estonia

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    Why do you want to charge? My trip-calculater says less then 250km? I am going to do today 770km in total, last leg will be 300km. But now i am charging at the HPC but suffer on overheating the PEM and the error massage says, that this will extent my charging time. Bad lack, i am already late, i have to arrive at my hotel no later than 23:00.
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    Raivo what is your schedule? From where to where?

    Eberhard was everything o.k. finally?

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