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Thread: REAL interior shots

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    REAL interior shots

    OK, since this was bugging me, I figured I'd start this thread to help anyone else who may be having trouble choosing. Here are pics I gathered from various threads of the interior trim currently available. If you find any not posted here, please share! (though please try to keep it to REAL pictures).

    *edit* thanks to all who helped build this list!
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    Carbon Fiber

    Name:  cf-cluster.jpg
Views: 4696
Size:  2.33 MB
    Name:  cf-dash-close.jpg
Views: 4811
Size:  145.3 KB
    Name:  cf-dash-close2.jpg
Views: 4230
Size:  175.3 KB
    Name:  cf-rear.jpg
Views: 4232
Size:  131.1 KB
    Name:  cf-screen.jpg
Views: 4198
Size:  145.2 KB

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    Newer Lacewood

    Name:  lw-dash.jpg
Views: 4505
Size:  176.6 KB
    Name:  IMG_1050.JPG
Views: 4197
Size:  2.31 MB
    Name:  lacewood-dash-close.jpg
Views: 4359
Size:  165.5 KB
    Name:  lw-screen.jpg
Views: 4126
Size:  165.2 KB
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    Piano Black

    Name:  piano-cluster.JPG
Views: 4045
Size:  130.4 KB
    Name:  piano-dash2.jpg
Views: 4588
Size:  611.9 KB
    Name:  piano-dash3.jpg
Views: 3940
Size:  151.7 KB
    Name:  piano-rear.jpg
Views: 3885
Size:  79.8 KB
    Name:  piano-screen.JPG
Views: 3927
Size:  167.5 KB
    Name:  piano-screen2.JPG
Views: 3877
Size:  166.6 KB
    Name:  piano-screen3.JPG
Views: 3867
Size:  158.8 KB
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    Banana Leaf

    Name:  banana-dash.JPG
Views: 3881
Size:  135.1 KB
    Name:  banana-dash2.JPG
Views: 3846
Size:  130.4 KB
    Name:  banana-dash-close.JPG
Views: 4234
Size:  132.9 KB
    Name:  banana-dash-cupholders.JPG
Views: 3838
Size:  134.5 KB
    Name:  banana-dash-full.jpg
Views: 3957
Size:  808.6 KB
    Name:  banana-screen.JPG
Views: 3844
Size:  160.1 KB
    Name:  banana-screen-close.JPG
Views: 3804
Size:  161.9 KB
    Name:  banana-on-white.JPG
Views: 3795
Size:  117.0 KB
    Name:  banana-on-white-screen.JPG
Views: 3808
Size:  108.2 KB
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    Old Lacewood

    For the sake of completeness (and a hope that it may come back), here's the original lacewood I fell in love with

    Name:  IMG3941-X3.jpg
Views: 4042
Size:  411.1 KB
    Name:  IMG3950-X3.jpg
Views: 4559
Size:  558.2 KB
    Name:  IMG3953-X3.jpg
Views: 4016
Size:  507.2 KB

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    'Outsider, you are officially my hero of the day. Thank you!

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    Love the piano black personally, but your pictures definitely scream...fingerprints!

    That old lacewood had a lot of character. I can easily see why you loved it.

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    The banana leaf looks great with the white leather. I wonder how it would look with all black. I'm favoring an all-black car. I know, a bit boring and the piano black does (as Grendal says) "screams" finger prints...

    PS: Thanks for posting this, AnOutsider.
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    Well apparently banana leaf is being nixed and replaced. I liked the piano lack, but in the end the wife said it was far too plain so we went with the new lacewood. She did make a point that we'd already be wiping the screen down. I don't wanna have to do the same with the dash.

    @AndyM surely I can get 2 days outta it!

    Hope these help those when your emails come in

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