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Thread: Tesla Supercharger network

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    Quote Originally Posted by jvonbokel View Post
    Speaking of California, bxr140 originally asked to see the same chart based on stalls rather than stations, and I never got around to plotting that (until now). Here they are side-by-side (or rather top-to-bottom). I didn't re-sort for the Stall version, because I thought it would make it easier to compare the two datasets. There's obviously a pretty close correlation, but a few states do stand out more (or less) using the stall data.
    Thanks! I think that stall data/graph is actually more useful than the station version. Delaware and Rhode Island look pretty similar on the station chart, but the stall chart shows why Newark is more of a mess on weekends than you'd realize from the station chart. Similarly, Maryland looks pretty mid-pack until you take into account that the Bethesda temporary Supercharger only has two stalls, which translates directly into frequent waiting. While on the other end of the spectrum the efforts to relieve congestion in California are more apparent when considering total stalls instead of just stations. Much more useful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lloyd View Post
    I'd hate to the $40/year be spread as the cost of supercharging per car. This reflects ONLY the electricity charge. You also have:

    1. Demand charges
    2. Equipment
    3. Installation
    4. Maintenance and repair
    5. Ground lease (if any)
    6. Taxes
    Don't So Cal Edison demand fees typically run around 5 figures/month?

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