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Thread: Tesla Supercharger network

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    Quote Originally Posted by Modelxvin1365 View Post
    For comparison though some members are comparing the ease of roll out in Europe but if you look at the supercharging stations many of them only have two stalls which is significantly easier to build than 6 dedicated stalls for north america

    this only applies to France and seems to be a bureaucracy issue. At least one French SuC has now been changed from "temporary installation" to 4 stalls. Thus I'm guessing that more wil go "permanent" soon.

    Our German SuCs usually have 6-8 stalls, since people from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland and Austria all have to go through Germany to get to their respective holiday destinations.
    I guess that's the reason for Germany's SuC density despite dismal sales...

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    The Tesla Motors Supercharger page:
    Today – 48 stations

    Currently on the Tesla Motors Find Us page:
    40 in China
    3 in Japan
    2 in Australia

    Where are the remaining 3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMB View Post
    (LMB spouse)

    It's already on, but I don't think @BlueShift has a definitive stall count yet. Anybody know many stalls?
    12 stalls!!!

    and despite the fear uncertainty and doubt, there are rarely cars parked at the rear of fox hills mall. iCEing will NOT be a problem.

    Being full of Teslas might though.
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    Tooele, UT pronounced "2 ellie" rhymes with 'nelly'.

    Effingham, IL - I thought this was a solid no-brainer. What do you see as an alternative??

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    Quote Originally Posted by wycolo View Post
    Tooele, UT pronounced "2 ellie" rhymes with 'nelly'.

    Effingham, IL - I thought this was a solid no-brainer. What do you see as an alternative??
    Suggest a Supercharger here link: Supercharging
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