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Thread: Tesla Supercharger network

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry33 View Post
    With Tesla owners, car trips are favoured due to the low cost of fuel, the convenience of using your own car, the fun of driving a Tesla vs. the cattle car conditions of commercial airplanes, the inconvenience, expense, and safety issues of renting a car, and the anti-terrorism tactics at the airport.
    Absolutely agree. I vastly prefer to drive the 415 miles to visit my parents rather than fly since there are plenty of Superchargers along the way. And next year my wife and I are going to drive to Glacier National Park in Montana rather than fly. It will take 2 1/2 days each way but I would rather drive the S as opposed to flying to Montana and renting an ICE. Plus there will be Superchargers along the whole route.
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    I'm driving home to Minnesota for Thanksgiving just because I can.
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    I travel by air...

    To New Zealand, Europe, southeast Asia, Latin America, Alaska's Aleutian islands and so forth. IF I had to travel cross-US for business, I'd probably hold my nose and use commercial airlines. Thank heavens, those decades are behind me.

    Otherwise, it's mostly by road.
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    In thinking about whether California has "too many" superchargers, you have to ask "why is Tesla building out a supercharger network?" It appears that the primary purpose is for marketing. That's why we saw the coast-to-coast network built, so that Tesla could run publicity about being able to drive across the country.

    So, is adding more chargers into California going to help with marketing? No California buyer would look at the supercharger map and conclude that there are inadequate charging points (Although there might be lines, those don't show up on the maps). However, in the Northeast buyer would see huge gaps in areas where they routinely drive.The problem is equally acute in other areas, like Ohio or Texas.

    I don't buy the argument that Tesla is not resource constrained. To constraining resource is not money, but trained employees. Take a look at the job openings at Tesla. The number is approaching 2000. Some problems can be solved by throwing money at them, others require a dedicated team of professionals. The one cannot always substitute for the other.

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