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Thread: Tesla Supercharger network

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    Quote Originally Posted by donauker View Post
    My Tesla source from last September was correct on the other two PA locations so I am planning to get back to checking some very suspicious power company markings in the back parking lot of a hotel in New Cumberland. With the location moving from the coming soon map to the end of 2014 map and no new activity over a several month period I suspect it got delayed. With the nasty winter finally over I need to take a trip up that way.
    Don I am heading to Carlisle tomorrow, PM me any places that need scouting, I would be happy to swing by and take a look!
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    Unfortunately I'll be on vacation and can't make it.
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    Then we will have: Earth Day, Tesla Model S deliveries in Beijing, and grand opening of the 100th Supercharger, all on the same day.

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    and perhaps the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, as today's weather looks utterly wretched and the 22nd's a backup day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benz View Post
    Then we will have: Earth Day, Tesla Model S deliveries in Beijing, and grand opening of the 100th Supercharger, all on the same day.
    And, how appropriate that the 100th SC is in NJ!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gg_got_a_tesla View Post
    And, how appropriate that the 100th SC is in NJ!
    Yes, indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lloyd View Post
    Dallas to Oaklahoma City is 206 miles.... Doable.
    Agree - but just barely. Even though Corsicana to Huntsville is 116 miles, I always go to at least 160. Running 75+mph drops your effective about 30 miles over that distance and add to it any rain or wind and you are cutting it pretty close. Especially rain. I have arrived at Huntsville on 0 twice when putting 150 on the range.

    I am afraid that 206 would be a press - you could not do 75, which puts you slow and add an of the elements and it is pucker time. Certainly "doable" I agree, but what I like about the placement of the triangle chargers here is that you can give it the beans and not worry. Many of us in Texas have many opinions on where they need to be placed - particularly north of Dallas and towards Texarkana ... but that's a story to be discussed at another time.

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    From yesterday:

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    Would be interesting to see those usage numbers divided by the number of chargers at each location.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffE View Post
    - Most people want to do the right thing -- if their car is done charging, they'll free up the stall. To help, it'd be nice to have a text alert that could be sent to your phone when your car is finished.
    Well said, JeffE. Implementing a technology that enables people to be courteous and cooperative is amazing.

    This lends support to the most important new feature I'd like to see added to the Mobile App: push notifications when charge state changes, or reaches a level the owner sets.

    Now imagine if you knew the car was fully charged or stopped charging, but had no way of contacting the owner to move it... how frustrated would you be with that owner? That could lead to trouble. Better to politely inform the owner who can do something about it than inform everyone else - without context! - that the owner is failing to be courteous. I would rather NOT have the notification of everyone else's charge status at SC locations.

    Gilroy's solution also works: more bays.
    AndyM - Model S P85 竜 - Portland, OR - local organizer.

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