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Thread: Another drive in Roadster across the Southeast!

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    Another drive in Roadster across the Southeast!

    Hi fellow southeasterners,

    I have another road trip planned in a couple of weeks from Charleston SC to Greenville TN, and some driving possibly to Johnson City, Elizabethton area.

    Does anyone have general advice, and advice on best places to charge a Roadster in Spartanburg area, or along I-26 to Asheville, etc?
    I expect to be able to find RV parks of course. It looks like my total drive to first destination is around 325 miles, but there will be mountains as well.

    Are there any Tesla drivers in this part of the Southeast who would like to meetup, and compare notes and cars?

    I'm looking forward to some good weather!

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    I live in Kingsport TN, just off of I-26 and I-81. You are welcome to use my HPC if you want. There are several J-1772 (30 amp) in Asheville, I would check Plug-Share as they are up to date for this part ofthe country. Also just south of Asheville in Arden just off I-26 is the Eaton manufacturing plant. They have a level 3 and two level 2 chargers out front and they may have their 70 amp unit available by now. It would be nice for someone to test it out. Depending on your time I would be more than happy to meet. Feel free to send a note.

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    Thanks for the reply and invite. I hope to make time for a visit.
    I am familiar with Plug-Share it is probably my favorite due to ease of use and the fast and functional design of the application.
    One feature I would like to see added would be the high power Level2 charger search in the app.
    For J1771 stations they can deliver 70 Amps, but the search feature does not offer this info.
    I sent feedback in the PlugShare app, so they may deliver this at some point.
    Thanks especially for the info on the EATON facility at Arden. I will stop and check it out and then post the status.
    That is a very good 70A location for my journey!

    Have you seen this very useful app from the Nissan site: ?

    Range Simulator | Nissan USA

    I find it very useful in addition to PlugShare.
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    I called Eaton and was told their EV stations are not public, though got verbal confirmation that the do have a 70 Amp station operational.

    My call was forwarded to someone named Matt, but I had to leave a message and my phone number.
    Hopefully Matt will call back with good news.

    On the other hand, when I contacted Magnolia RV park at I26 and Sumpter National Forest, I got a positive response when asking to charge for a few hours. That will work well as primary charge,stop about halfway point of the first day's journey.
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    So, to finish up reporting,
    Met very nice folks at Magnolia RV park. They offered a swimming pool, restrooms, and small store with snacks and souvenirs. I used their very solid 240V at 40A for charging.

    It was a great trip and fun driving the twisty mountain roads. Had a great visit with many relatives. Gave many rides in the Roadster, all were impressed and got a taste of the thrill I experience every day. Every stop light was a smiling gawk-fest! I even got approval from a local constable as he drove past in his police vehicle.

    I stopped in both directions at the EATON facility and checked out all the EVSE's in visible parking lot out front. The 70A level2 was not to be found.
    I did chat with a number of employees that were on site even on Memorial day, and they all seem to be motivated and with a good attitude about their products and business.

    So I did not get a faster charge on the way back to SC, and since I was not able to start with a fully charged Roadster, I had to stop twice along the way.
    I did some sight seeing and went to a theater watched a movie each stop to pass time while charging.

    It was great to meet you dhrivnak, and that blue Roadster you have is in tip-top shape.

    Next trip: Florida!

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