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Thread: Need swaybar size

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    Need swaybar size

    Sorry I posted this in the model S thread ..

    I need the sway bar size front and rear in inch or mm.

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    I need the roadster sway bars sizes ...

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    there are some nice photos here you can get the part numbers from
    standard 2.0 roadster suspension (shocks and sway bars))

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    Thanks for finding that, frequencydip!

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    I got the new fans fitted today, the Ranger only showed me after I got home (was gone at work all day) as he was putting the cover back on, and that change required a new sway bar to make room for the larger fan unit. Sorry, didn't get the part number or size, but worth noting that there are at least 2 different ones.

    P.S. All my above comment is relevant for a 2.5

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    Another forum user posted this:
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    Thanks you guys. still need the size so that I can make it for cheaper........ I mean under $250

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    Thay don`t sell this set for the tesla retail

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    Next time I swap wheels I'll make a point of measuring the sway bars. Might be a few weeks though.
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