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Thread: Electric E-bike for charity auction

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    Electric E-bike for charity auction

    A Spark for RCC! Online Auction for Dane County Rape Crisis Center

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    Don't know too much about it but it seems like a 25-30 mile range electric bike that can also be pedaled. MSRP of $1400, right now the highest bid is $553 so someone could get a good deal. Auction ends on 4/30 at noon CST.

    Caveat: Pickup is in Madison, WI.

    The charity is to benefit a rape prevention center that lost its state funding. The auction was initiated by a friend of mine so I know it's legit.
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    Interesting. I have that exact model, purchased from a dealer in Madison several years ago.
    This is a great little hybrid bike (human and electric). I would never trust it for 30 miles, but with a new pack fully charged I'd be confident with 20 miles. It struggles up steep hills needing pedal assistance.

    the little charger that comes with it is a bit finicky and you have to be sure to plug in the bike first, then to the wall, then unplug the wall before the bike or it can fry the charger. The range indicator is 4 lighted bars when full, 1 when low.

    The basket on the front and back have decent capacity and a small grocery trip is a good use.

    I find that I don't use my ebike very much any more. I'd like to, but I find that it's not much fun in hot weather, impractical in cold weather, don't want to get wet on rainy days, etc. I've also had to replace the battery pack once (4 cells--~$100 to replace them) and found myself almost stranded when the old pack died b/c it was malfunctioning.

    So, not trying to talk anyone in or out of this, it's a lot of fun. If I could sell mine for $600 I probably would b/c I just don't use it.

    More photos with some close ups here:
    Ebike - a set on Flickr
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    Auction closed, went for $607 in the end. Less than half of retail I guess. I might have paid that if I had been local to the auction.

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