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I got my finalize email this afternoon Wanted to do Balki's dance of joy in the office but didn't want folks to know why I was so happy.

I'm wondering if I finalize with 85kwh performance, 21" grey, black leather + carbon fiber, pano roof and tech package, if there's a decent chance for delivery before end of year. That's in a few weeks! Thoughts? .
i would bet against it, simply because you still haven't e-signed your MVPA yet. that email will probably come in a week or two, then we're all out of 2012.

if it were me, I'd order exactly the car i wanted and not change anything in order to get an earlier delivery date. there is simply no rhyme or reason to it. i think i am the highest P # who has a December delivery window, and i still can't figure out how i jumped the line so much. i actually feel guilty as people like Aaron have a much lower # and haven't gotten a delivery window at all...