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    2 has an address shown as "9461 Charleville, Beverly Hills, Ca 90212"....guess what's there:

    Name:  mail drop.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by doug View Post
    Do they at least read to the second post?
    I hope they do. Was just trying to give this guy less of a platform but I understand leaving the thread up as a warning.

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    Heres my reply you ingrade. We are a legitimate business. If you have questions make a call dont post non-sense. Ive got over 55 cars for sale. A porsche cayenne picture got mixed up with a tesla. Think about it.

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    Watch what you say on this site. Everything is recorded and will be used against you in court.

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    You are just another fish in the sea. And a folllower.

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    Even the Roadster image isn't right for a 2011 model. The very same image (of VP16) was posted on this site back in 2008:

    Glacier Blue Roadster at coffee shop

    This thread is now closed and the ragstorichesllc user banned.

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